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Ban? Or just a "prank"?

Guest poland.ball


Guest poland.ball


Today is for me Saturday, 11. March 2017, 13:00. If you agree this, best regards, you live in central europe.


But today i have not such as a good topic for my question:


I was livestreaming with about 5-9 viewers and driving in EU2 in the north of england (scotland). It was a pretty good day, once i found a italian or spain livestreamer. I decided to follow the streamer and an orange car (player name and tmp-id is down). We drove from Edinburg to England. After we drove from scotland to england, the orange driver wrote my number. In that time my number was 55. He said some italian or spain text, i dont understand that. But i just ignored him.

Later at an junction, he said "report". I thought just: what? For what an report? For nothing? For fast driving? (Yes i drove about 100kmh with the scout)


I asked for an reason. He said: "ramming and other"


What the f**k man? I didn't rammed or did something wrong, i just drove with these 2 guys. So we started to talk. (And the livestreamer's truck was stuck in dirt so i gave an suggestion for him and it helped out)

I said, where the proof is. He said some text in spain or italian (I DONT KNOW!!!) or wrote everytime "55 don't cry". After the junction he said "55" "cry".


I just thought that he wanted to prank me. I wanted to ruin the livestream, but i went to Calais by garage manager.


We drove thogether, the orange person was everytime infront of me. Before that junction i drove fast, and he wanted to cut me. So i had to use the brakes and used my steering wheel to steer away to avoid an accident or any damage.  So what now? He wrote "55 ban" or "55 report" or something smillar. The other guy, who was behind me, said nothing. When i would ramm someone, all persons would say "report"?  So we drove and drove and then at that cut-moment my engine doesn't wanted to drive forward. So i had to start the engine back, and then he said again "report". I was only about 10 seconds there trying to drive, ( i was in the outside mode) and no one was behind me, and i was at the crash bar, in the middle, and no one would be blocked.


Or is it forbidden to go to a lost place and have engine problems?


TruckersMP-ID: 1234035

#ZéDaPamonha yes, i mean you!

Answer to that question if you want to say me why, and give me the proofs!

I didn't have anything done, at my about half year being in ETS2MP (240h) and i had only one ban for insulting, and that was because someone blocked the road for about 30 minutes. And i had to drive reeallly fast, because i had a 70.000€ delivery and i had only 1 gamehour time.



I hope that this thing only trolling is, because i LOVE the MP mode!



€DIT: I forgot to say, that i'm playing ets2mp since december with an steering wheel, called G27 for best driving results. Thanks for those peoples, who are on my side, so that i won't get a ban.


#ZéDaPamonha please send me an sceenshot btw proof of that, what you said, i did (ramming and other), because, i didn't noticed to ram anyone or did something other wrong and i had everytime 0% damage, before 0,0% and when i was at services i had no damage. I didn't had to pay anything, because everything was at 0,0%.

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That guy was clearly trolling you. There are no rules about keeping the speed limits in EU#2 server, so you can go as fast as you want (as long as you drive safely). If he was blocking you from overtaking and saying 55 (I assume it's 55 mph), he is the one who should be banned. Next time, stop and let the troll go away. If he doesn't, teleport yourself to the nearest repair station or even better, to any of your home garages, so he can't follow you. And get yourself some recording software and if/when you find another player like that, record and report him. The recording can also save you from being banned, you'd have video evidence showing that you did nothing wrong (in case you need to appeal). And most importantly: Never play his game. "Don't feed the troll"

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Guest poland.ball
2 hours ago, El1teZombiezHD said:

If you did nothing wrong. You wont get banned.

Yes.. but why he did said, that i rammed these persons and did other things? Trolling?

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