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Maintenance Complete!


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4 minutes ago, Kenny2203 said:

EU server down?


1 minute ago, tomy20124 said:

fix the problem ETS 2 EU server 1.2.3 down (login) .....pls hurry



Guys, just be patient, they are working on fixing the issues. Play in Solo or try another game and maybe in an hour it'll be fixed. ;)


For me, I was able to easily login. The only problem is the authentication. I'll try later that's not a problem. ;D 



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1 minute ago, handyplayer13 said:

When we start singleplayer and press "Drive", the game freezes after about 5 seconds being ingame.

I'm sorry to hear that, I don't have that kind of issue at all. Last time (yesterday) I tried it worked fine.


Try disabling your mods or, more simple, make a profile for SP, and a separate one for MP!

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For those that keep posting the same issue as previously mentioned by the devs should stop. They are aware and there is also a message on the start up. Have some patience. 

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23 hours ago, Anriandor said:


Hello MrAshieB,

the Megakonvoi Server is indeed new because tonight there was a huge convoy organised by nordrheintvplay.

I participated and I have to say, it was just great!



Great stuff! Thanks for the heads up on that :) Shame I work too often, to get chance to make events, though.


Happy New Year to you all!


Ashley / MrAshieB

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  • DevOps

I hope that things will be good now. We did major work yesterday.. and today.. in past 2 days I've probably spent 20+ hours working on servers and issues... and i'm no the only one on the team who has, many behind the scenes tasks happening between me, tuxyq and mwl4. The Eu2 server was rebuilt / reinstalled and we're seeing the random disconnect issues after this. We're still trying to find a cause for this.

I am really sorry that more people couldn't play today :( 

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3 hours ago, kagarium said:

A disaster. But what else is new?

Well as of late the Cialis/Duisberg road is a LOT better (you can actually go from Duis to Cialis in half an hour or better, opposed to an hour+ just to make it from Duis to the intersection near-ish Rotterdam). So that's new I guess. :P

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On 12/30/2016 at 5:49 PM, Kat_pw said:

We're done with our maintenance!!

We hope you notice the page speeds increase on the website and the forums!! Also hopefully those pesky "Authenticating" issues we saw yesterday will go away.

From us at truckersmp - Have a wonderful New year ahead! :)


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Have a happy New Year and I hope good things for 2017

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