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  1. Ok thanks, I drive responsible and I respect the traffic laws I only run a red light carefully when I'm in a convoy of 8 trucks or more.
  2. Good Afternoon, i dont know if running a red light is in the game rules, but running a red light the penalty is a ban? I appreciate if a admin answer me. Happy Trucking!
  3. Have a happy New Year and I hope good things for 2017
  4. I'm patient... I understand that TruckersMP is going to fix that!
  5. Please fix the version of ATS its crashing!
  6. You forgot to add the Air Horn for ATS/Key N
  7. And wheres the air horn fix others players honk the horn on the Key N but sounds like the default horn H
  8. I have the same problem I started to play at ATSMP last friday and yesterday and today I was going to play at ATSMP and then appear a message game valide version help me please
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