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Parking Box Doesn't Appear



Hello! This is my first post on the forums, yet unfortunately I'm asking for help...


Just finished a 1,000 km External Contract in Multiplayer to find out I can't even park the damn thing, just on the basis that the parking zone won't even load in... Despite trying to park the trailer where it should be, it doesn't register. I tried logging off and playing in Singleplayer, but that doesn't fix the problem.




Any solution would be thoroughly appreciated, as 1,000 km isn't something I do often :P Thanks!


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Hi there, this is due to the new delivery mechanism.


You need to stop your truck on the green flag that you can see bottom left and press Enter.


Once you've done that, you can choose the option of parking you'd like to do.


Where do you need it? (+40xp)

This is the normal parking where you need to reverse the trailer into the loading bay.


Let's play it safe (+15xp)

This parking is more simple in the fact that you just drive straight into the bay, and do not need to reverse.


Sorry, I am in a hurry now (+-0xp)

This means the game will automatically park the trailer for you, however you do not get any Bonus XP



Hope this helps!

Current Status: status.png

Waddle On!                    

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