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Game crashing to desktop. Sounds still hearable but cant see game.

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Mod Version: Latest
Controllers Usedthrustmaster ferrari gt experience
Description of Issue: Game crashing to desktop. I still can hear sounds and drive but I dont see the game. Just the deskop.
How to reproduce:

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In the past few days I got this new crash which I've never had before. I've tried to fix this myself but whatever I try, nothing works...


Here is what I tried:

Reinstalled ETS2 (including mp mod)

Started in openGL mode

disabled winter mod

reinstalled graphicscard drivers   (GTX 780)

reinstalled directX






Does anyone have a working sollution?



The logs added to this post.



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Try ctrl+alt+del, then openig task manager, then opening task manager and then clicking again on the symbol of ets2mp in the taskbar and repeat that two or three times. Either it crashes now or you get the window back.


Thanks I'll try this one when it happends again. I'll update soon


Send game.log content file please


Game.log content file? There's a game.log attached to the first post. 

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