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  1. Same here, even with the latest update it still crashes
  2. Nice update but I still got crashes in Rotterdam when it's very busy
  3. I have the same problem. Although its easy to fix by users themselves, it still shouldnt happen. My steam automaticly updated ETS2 to 1.16 so I downgraded back to the previous version to run ETS2MP. That probably triggered this bug.
  4. Nice to read a new hotfix is coming. My game keeps crashing too after the R2 release. Let's hope the Scandinavia DLC is coming soon too! I can't wait to drive these doubled trailers through Scandinavia!!!!
  5. This problem only seems to occur when I go to overpopulated areas like Europort. I think my game gets overstressed somehow... My rig: 8gigs ram i5 3570K GTX 780 Also my PC is watercooled so overheating is not the problem.
  6. Thanks I'll try this one when it happends again. I'll update soon Game.log content file? There's a game.log attached to the first post.
  7. Well it the crash started happening when I downloaded the latest update for ETSMP and used the wintermod. Playing with or without wintermod doesnt chance though
  8. Mod Version: Latest Controllers Used: thrustmaster ferrari gt experience Description of Issue: Game crashing to desktop. I still can hear sounds and drive but I dont see the game. Just the deskop. How to reproduce: Screenshots / Videos: None Hi, In the past few days I got this new crash which I've never had before. I've tried to fix this myself but whatever I try, nothing works... Here is what I tried: Reinstalled ETS2 (including mp mod) Started in openGL mode disabled winter mod reinstalled graphicscard drivers (GTX 780) reinstalled directX . Does anyone have a working sollution? The logs added to this post. game.log.txt game.crash.txt
  9. Ethaydorus

    Cant connect

    Same problem here, played fine for 30 mins, then restarted euro truck sim 2 and since that moment I can't anymore
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