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  1. But people driving without steeringwheel and swaying all over 1 lane is OK because they can't actually drive smooth over 1 lane... It just makes no sense. If you're drunk playing this game, who cares? As long you're not a troll and start blocking others it should be all good in my opinion. Nobody will ever notice that you've drunk beer or shit like that
  2. I used cheat engine too so I could change my rank. I think it's crazy that you're not able to buy the upgrades you can afford. No, I didnt cheat money.
  3. Well they better make it ready Cold season is incoming!
  4. It would be a shame if it's going to be blocked simply because players don't like it....
  5. Just add the doubles and numbers will be high again. I'm waiting for that to happen, with many others
  6. Ethaydorus


    Why would you have 2000hp
  7. Ethaydorus

    Speed Limit

    I dont understand why people would like to go 150+ on highways... Trucks simply arent made for these speeds and even if they did, it would be too dangerous. This isn't a game, it's a simulator. It should be handled as a simulator and not as a racing game... For those without a real drivers license: Get it and feel what it is like driving 90kmh in a real truck
  8. These specs aren't very good indeed. However, I think this may not be the cause of the problem, because the minimum specs for Euro Truck Simulator 2 are even lower.... I have a lot of crashes since the 0.1.3 update back in December. Specs: i5 3570K (water cooled) 8gigs RAM GTX780 (latest drivers) 600Watt PSU Running on Windows 8.1 I would say: Go back to that release and hire ROOTKILLER!
  9. Nice challenge! I passed the test without any scratches
  10. Same here, even with the latest update it still crashes
  11. Nice update but I still got crashes in Rotterdam when it's very busy
  12. I have the same problem. Although its easy to fix by users themselves, it still shouldnt happen. My steam automaticly updated ETS2 to 1.16 so I downgraded back to the previous version to run ETS2MP. That probably triggered this bug.
  13. Nice to read a new hotfix is coming. My game keeps crashing too after the R2 release. Let's hope the Scandinavia DLC is coming soon too! I can't wait to drive these doubled trailers through Scandinavia!!!!
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