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Speed limiter stuck on :-(

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Hi guys,


i have been playing fine fine since the 1.25 update with the speed limiter off but I come on a day or two ago and the speed limiter seems to be locked on?? 


When not coupled to a trailer i can I can check and uncheck the 'truck speed limiter' box but as soon as I couple a trailer it is greyed out and I'm stuck at 55mph :-(


This can get quite boring on a 500mile+ motorway journey. 


Everyone else seems to be coming past me as if I'm standing still so I'm guessing not everyone is restricted??


how can I remove the limiter again??


thanks Ryan 

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If only everyone could drive sensibly lol I don't drive flat out everywhere and slow down if there's other people around, it's just nice to sit at 80mph on motorway journeys early hours of the morning where you barely see anyone at all.


I do think speed limiters should be automatically locked to 30mph in cities though, the amount of times I get crashed into in Rotterdam by speeding cars and trucks is unreal lol


I do think some people would be better off playing forza or grand turismo XD

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