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  1. Awesome, i finally found it. I usually get player ID from the /pinfo but this time I’d managed to switch 2 numbers around and didn’t realise at the time. After all that hard work he’s already been permanently banned lol but I know for next time this happens. Thanks for your help ?
  2. Is there a way to find a member that has all numbers as a username?? 25 numbers to be exact, is this a known trick for ban evasion?? I have tried the player search bar but it comes up as could not find user. I am guessing it thinks I am typing a player number rather than a username, is there any way around this. Or is it possible to search by player in-game tag as it is their twitch page. I need to report a user for speed hacking. Thanks Ry_707
  3. I have made a new profile and it seems to be ok now. No idea what caused it and thanks for your help guys
  4. I’m using a Scania S with no car accessories which is the part I don’t understand, have any of the accessories changed from car and truck to car only recently?? i have tried changing lights, beacons and accessories but nothing seems to fix it. I have even brought new trucks stock and it still does the same with those ?
  5. I can join game fine and play for hours, I can fix my truck in the repair shop fine. But when I change any accessory or paint and click purchase or I load a saved game I get kicked immediately?? “Reason: Invalid accessory set detected. Accessory for cars only exist.” I am running all standard game accessories and paint with no mods, it all started the update that took away the winter mod. My game is up to date and I play on promods. Any ideas as it’s getting really annoying now.
  6. I think I went on renault, daf and iveco garages .... once a long time ago XD Tried this and the all trucks 750, it installed but didn't do anything to the stats on SP the only mod that worked was yellow trailer mod XD. Then went on MP and loaded the save but it came up as could not locate the files With a red exclamation mark by the save. The mods didn't show up in MP either :-S
  7. Hi guys, is there engine mods that work in the latest game version?? i would like to put the Volvo 750hp engine in my underpowered MAN which I love. Any links would be appreciated I have trawled through the forums for an hour but couldn't find anything. Sorry if I have missed it I have bad eyesight thanls
  8. Ry_707

    Controls help

    The cursor problem is solved and I feel dumb lol bit I still can't hear anyone I've even tried plugging the PS4 mic/headphone into the PS4 controller. i have tried selecting different devices on the windows sound thingy but still nothing. are there any instructions on how to use the cb radio anywhere??
  9. Ry_707

    Controls help

    I will try this later tonight, as I said on another comment all in game sounds work and I even have the radio on. I have just never heard anyone speak, at all. Was just wondering if there was a ingame setting like voice chat I had to enable or anything like that?
  10. Ry_707

    Controls help

    After all this time all I have to do is click the right mouse button?? Lmao how did I not know this XD I'll give it a try tonight thanks bud. As for audio everything works sound wise I get all in game sounds and even have the radio on, I have just never heard anyone speak, at all. The head set is a corsair gaming headset with mic which is plugged in to a USB 3.0 on the PC
  11. Hi guys, i am am currently using a PS4 wireless controller with USB dongle in the pc, it's all dialled in and works brilliantly. Been using it for about 3 weeks now. the problem I'm having is my mouse looks round the cab instead of having a cursor. With ever increasing idiots on the roads I need to report I cannot. When I press tab it brings up the player menu but mouse just looks round so I can't select anything in the menu. Cursor comes up when I pause but goes behind the player menu. Any ideas?? also my voice chat is not working and have not heard a player speak... ever. I am using a gaming headset with mic but can't find any in game settings?? thanks
  12. If only everyone could drive sensibly lol I don't drive flat out everywhere and slow down if there's other people around, it's just nice to sit at 80mph on motorway journeys early hours of the morning where you barely see anyone at all. I do think speed limiters should be automatically locked to 30mph in cities though, the amount of times I get crashed into in Rotterdam by speeding cars and trucks is unreal lol I do think some people would be better off playing forza or grand turismo XD
  13. Wow, I feel kinda dumb now for not knowing that lol my eternal contracts had locked out for weeks due to a computer crash and only worked out how to end the job the other day so just been doing normal jobs, thanks for helping :-)
  14. Hi guys, i have been playing fine fine since the 1.25 update with the speed limiter off but I come on a day or two ago and the speed limiter seems to be locked on?? When not coupled to a trailer i can I can check and uncheck the 'truck speed limiter' box but as soon as I couple a trailer it is greyed out and I'm stuck at 55mph :-( This can get quite boring on a 500mile+ motorway journey. Everyone else seems to be coming past me as if I'm standing still so I'm guessing not everyone is restricted?? how can I remove the limiter again?? thanks Ryan
  15. Have not installed any mods. The game is crashing before I can even get in my truck. I cannot get onto the careers page at all. I literally click play on the server screen, then on the 'launchpad' I click continue game then it goes tot he loading screen, the bar goes all the way up and I get a message saying syncing profile and the game crashes
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