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  1. Yes, When you play in MP, the FPS is less than when you play in SP, because your computer needs to upload and download the data form online.
  2. You need to find some mods that support in MP. Otherwise, that doesn't work!!!
  3. Some paint jobs are ETS2 DLCs, you need to buy one, so you can use. Or that is a MOD!
  4. Hi, You can use some support mods in MP, but don't add too much mods in your MP game, such as add beacons on your bumper, that is not allowed in MP.
  5. Hi, Probably you need press F7+Enter, and choose the job again. I think some thing wring with your game.
  6. Thank you for your information and also your video.
  7. Snow mod in MP will comes out in Christmas Day.
  8. 1.26 version is not working with ETS2 MP, so you need to wait them to develop the MP mod.
  9. Amsterdam, Calais, Rotterdam and Duisburg, those cities are always busy in ETS2 MP.
  10. Yeah, that road is the busiest road in ETS2 MP, and also lots of admins look at that road, and kick or ban some people who have a bad behavior. So, when you go to that road, please be careful.
  11. Just wait, I think that will come out near the end of this year.
  12. I have seen some news about winter mod.
  13. That means you are not allowed to add any mod in MP. If you add too many beacons on your truck, when you turn on your beacons, other player's FPS will go down. So, I suggest don't add too many beacons on your truck, and also when you drive though the city or some crowded place, please turn your beacons off. [2 or 3 beacons is better!]
  14. Yes, you can. You can use same profile in MP or SP.
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