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ledgeri [HUN]

Show your part in the online shared gameplay world! /Twitch, Hitbox, Youtube -Hangout, Ustream, Goodgame/  

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  1. 1. As a viewer (multi choice):

    • I watch live events.
    • I watch online recorded events. (e.g. unedited "post-live" videos. 'the raw-records')
    • I watch uploaded evets. (e.g. edited youtube-uploads 'nicely presented videos')
    • I do not watch gameplays.
  2. 2. As a creator (single choice):

    • Streaming only.
    • Streaming and recording (online where is avaiable, or to my storage)
    • Just recording, then uploading.
    • Can not do anithyng (Powerless PC, or bad bandwith)




Nearly for a year when i started to create gameplay videos for my friends, with my friends, and i saw this is very usefull via Twitch (i mean online), because the unlimited storage, and the "istantly online" being of it and of course for prooving if someone made something rule-less in a multiplayer game... In this year i collected some iformation and tips, so here is the time to share it back!


For viewers!


If there is two or more player who play your favourite game, multi perpective viewer sites for twitch in order of usability:

For youtube a similar site with an example wideo for it with truckers: http://www.SwigView.com/jT1Iana


For creators

Firstly be clear with your PC-config and your Internet connection and the actual game's requirements: With multi-core CPU, 2-3 storage device (HDD,SSD) and a bandwidth upload 3000Kbps You can get instant Greenlight to do whatever you want. With less potential do not give it up: try some possible solutions... Try this calculator as step one


I am Recording/streaming with:

OBS : Easy to use program with multiple quality options, and "live picture" editing options and the best thing: Fully FREE (Cpu based)

(alternatives: xsplit but not free [Not tried] cpu based, and with newer Nvidia cards, the built in Shadowplay [Not tried personally(i have an AMD card), but i saw at my friend that is limited in setup question.

Via boost of Quicksync: With Intel 2xxx CPU or above with IGP.


Twitch.tv: (alternatives Hitbox.tv, ustream.tv, google hangouts, etc)


This is a basic to start, but with some good tool you can step over (mostly for twitch)!

  • The Absolute multi-tool to Off-browser stream setup, Stream sataistics, In stream notifications, Chat overview ,Stream overlay editors (pop-up if someone subscribed, clock, chat), Button editor to twitch panesl, in-stream listened music data, bitrate calculator, etc-etc. Everithing what you see in a "proffessional" stream.

Stream notifier button to forums, like mine in the signature.


If i missed something please feel to free to post it!

To admins: sorry if it is Off-Topic i saw it lately. If you want, move it to the off-topic topic...

ledgeri.png/@ twitch ( Where i am streaming my every MULTI MOMENT!)             EU #2

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I've had a vote. I have previously been streaming a few times (before my PC decided that it would die), the main thing that I was told and continue to tell people is to be patient and always enjoy what you do no matter what the chat or your viewer count says. The chances are that you will start off with little or no viewers, giving good quality content along with a constant timetable will give people something to look forward too. Just stick at it, people will come.

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