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Problems adding ATS to TruckersMP account



Hello guys,


I recently bought ATS and installed it through Steam, and it works wonderfully. Atleast offline.


When I start up ATS:MP it ask me for my login info as it does. When I've typed my credentials it says I need to connect the game to my TruckersMP account. I try to do so through this website (my account -> settings), bu then I get this message - see attached. I then wait for 5-10 mins as promted, check again, but the same message appears.


Could someone please explain this to me and even help me get it working?


Thanks in advance.



I have ETS installed and working through TruckersMP, and my Steam Profile is public aswell.


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23 hours ago, rfoster327 said:

I recommend that you take a look at this thread below. 


That's the thread I was looking for prior to creating this. Thanks mate ;)


23 hours ago, El1teZombiezHD said:

Hello, you need to have 2 hrs on Steam for ATS before you can link it on MP

Oh, that must be it, then. I have 92 minutes on the clock now, so I'll drive for half an hour and check back. Cheers buddy.


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