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  1. @FirestarteR93 Thanks, but I could easily use the money, so no harm done on that front. Thanks anyways
  2. That's the thread I was looking for prior to creating this. Thanks mate Oh, that must be it, then. I have 92 minutes on the clock now, so I'll drive for half an hour and check back. Cheers buddy.
  3. Hello guys, I recently bought ATS and installed it through Steam, and it works wonderfully. Atleast offline. When I start up ATS:MP it ask me for my login info as it does. When I've typed my credentials it says I need to connect the game to my TruckersMP account. I try to do so through this website (my account -> settings), bu then I get this message - see attached. I then wait for 5-10 mins as promted, check again, but the same message appears. Could someone please explain this to me and even help me get it working? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I have ETS installed and working through TruckersMP, and my Steam Profile is public aswell.
  4. Not completely true... It's optional to use the left indicator if you want to take the third exit, but most people don't bother to do this, although it would be pretty helpful. Most people do tend to use the right indicator before entering the roundabout if they proceed to take the first exit. There's close to no law regarding this, except you have to indicate before leaving, and you have to give way to the traffic from the left.
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