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Two questions regarding the tab menu

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So I have two questions I want to ask. The first one is how to change the colour on the tab menu. I've seen some other people have a different colour than the standard yellow one and I've always been wondering. And then my second question links to that, because I'm then wondering if the colour change has something to do with the "Input" tab in the tab settings. I have clicked on "Input" and I see nothing there, so I've suspected if that has something to do with the colour change. So is it? That's my second question.


I have tried to look around on the forums to see if I could find the answer, but I did not find it unfortunately and I apologise if this has already been asked about.


Thanks :)


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Tab menu is a ui picture located in your TMP folder (place where you got ETS2MP / ATSMP installed). In there, there's data > then ATS / ets2, select the one where you want to change the tab menu color, navigate to ui, see ui_skin. People that got custom colors have that picture replaced with their own colors. See this topic for example: 

Input is for a future updates, it's gonna contain options like changing the key of voice chat, etc. It's supposed to be empty for now.

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