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Visual Mod to convert common signs into local signs


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Suggestion Name: Visual Mod to convert common signs into local signs

Suggestion Description: It would just be a client side visual modification that would turn the game's signs, into your countries' signs. Possibly through an option to choose the Locale. Keep in mind, this should only apply for signs that have the same common meaning. Speed Limit signs will have to stay true to the game. While Stop and junctions (such as a T or + ) will be localized with the mod. I would also recommend the prompt having a confirmation and asking if the player truly understands the signs.

Any example images: 


USA Signs



Mexico Signs



Japan Signs


And many more that can be added.


Why it should be added: There's a good chunk of the playerbase that isn't from Europe and may not understand what the below signs mean.


By doing so, it could help others know how to drive better if they can understand the signs as if they were driving IRL.

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7 hours ago, Samderali said:

First of all, hello. I hope you have a great day! ❤️ 

It seems like a great idea, but there are thousands of signs in the game and it takes a lot of work to do it. Instead, it would be more useful for players to learn what the signs mean.

It would be. But, most of them don't. Which leads to the reckless nature. That's why i'm suggesting this. CD Revamps take a long time. Adding thousands of retextured signs shouldn't take that long.


6 hours ago, blabberbeak said:

Or you just visit this website and make yourself familiar with European road signs...


I know the ones i need to know, thanks to my career of playing the game. As i said above, others don't. Redirecting them to a link won't make a difference. My suggestion is to at least give the visuals to maybe help them understand. If they drive IRL, those signs look familiar. Same functionality, same visuals.

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I get where you are coming from OP, but I don't think this would make any difference. 
The way I see it, if the player cannot be bothered to learn a few (a lot of the signs are actually fairly self explanatory, like speed limits, city limits, etc), they are the type of player who won't follow them anyways even if it was localized for them. 

Edit: And to some extent, there are players who treat speed limit signs as a minimum speed limit, not max speed limit. Max limit to them is the TMP server limit. 🤣

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