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A notification that we've been reported from website by any user


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Suggestion Name: A notification that we've been reported from website

Suggestion Description: It would be great to see a notification on the website when a player reported us for any reason. If we haven't committed an offence, we can upload counter-evidence and have our ban lifted. 

Any example images: 

Why it should be added: If someone reports us via the website, we can prepare counter-evidence to defend ourselves in the event of a possible ban. It won't happen again the situation of having to store the clips we have uploaded indefinitely in order to avoid a surprise banning situation and for every event that we may be unfairly banned.

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  • PennyFG changed the title to A notification that we've been reported from website by any user

It's good, in theory. There's problems i see with it.


  1. The report can happen while you're offline. You won't know until you return.
  2. What if you're in game? Would it send a system message?
  3. It can lead to negativity. "Why'd you report me?" , "Your report is unjustified" , and other things, that can be sent in messages, to the topic, and/or their profile.
  4. What if the report is dismissed? Will you be notified?


If i'm to support this, it could be something like this

  • You were reported for "Report Reason".
  • Staff have dismissed the report.


The only reason i report on here, is if somebody posts Non-English outside of International. The forum is more civil then Simulation 1.

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I disagree. I do not see any reason to add this honestly. 
Some people get reporten often for perhaps reason which will be just declined by staff, so why would we have to know if we got reported before we got banned? Whenever we get banned we can see the Ban video and then look for counter Evidence.

TruckersMP Player with Love :HaulieLove:

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I also like this idea. In Real life police would look at all evidence before deciding the appropriate action, so it makes sense to implement this on TMP! It also reduces the need to submit appeals so thats allowing moderators to continue reviewing reports and helping keep things flowing, it also means Less people might get banned by mistake. It’s also useful because some people like me are CC, and you have to wait 1-2 weeks before you can be confident after an incident that no ban is going to happen. During that waiting period, you don’t know if you have been reported, but also gets difficult saying you are free to do CC work, but you could get banned. But a notification saying you have a report against you, allows you to upload your evidence and you know to wait before doing cc work till a decision is made! 

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Hello @[MCG] PennyFG,


Thanks for the suggestion!


However, I am afraid we will not be implementing such feature again. This was something we introduced a few years ago, but that update got reverted quickly. The players started immediately doing everything to avoid getting banned, which included them deleting accounts as soon as they could see there was a report against them.


To be honest, players do not really need to be aware whether there is a report against them or not. As long as you follow the rules, there is nothing for you to worry about, and if you happen to get into a situation which could be a misunderstanding, you are more than welcomed to save that clip, so if you happen to get punished you can provide it within the ban appeal.



Leon Baker

Community Manager


// Rejected

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