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"Angle Mort" Device on Trucks and Trailers

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Suggestion Name: Angle Mort device on trucks and trailers
Suggestion Description: Add a specific device that we can add to your trucks and trailers: the "Angle Mort" warning.
For anyone who doesn't what is this thing of "Angle Mort": In France, the January 1st 2021, France added a law where any driver of a vehicle weighing more than 3.5 tonnes is required to put in place a device to mark blind spots. (IT IS NOT A SUGGESTION FOR ANY NEW LAW, JUST A SPECIFIC DETAIL)
Suggestion Image: It's already in the bottom of the page.
Why it should be added: I found a little unrealistic we can see some trucks roaming around France without that device in all trucks/trailers, because irl, you have to put this device since it is from the Law.


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I have never heard of such a thing, but in principle I am in favor of having a sticker for trucks that have a garage in France or in those countries where this sticker is required. This interesting detail will add realism.  


The main thing is that this sticker should not be on those trucks that are registered in other garages.




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yet another new French law created by a bored person the display is ugly and not suited to the human eye at all and a pedestrian or cyclist passing in front of your truck or parallel to the side will never look at this poster , just a new law to fine you and enrich the government

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On 3/26/2023 at 5:06 PM, Hidara said:

for realism - not a bad idea. But in practice, no one will pay attention to the sticker.

As you said, it can be added as an option to be found in the game for those who want to feel very realistic, but its absence will not take away much from realism.

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