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Licence system


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Truckersmp is one if not the most pooular mod in ets2, with this rising ofcourse truckersmp need some rules to make player drive safely without annoying other player and if someone break those rules he gets banned. But is this the best system? no, and the reason is pretty simple.

It doesnt match the games {ets2} main goal, realism. There is a reason the game is called "euro truck simulator", to simulate being a euro truck driver. lets look how reckless driverw in the realworld get as a punishment: 

Get a fine/ticket

black points in his/here licence

Get licence banned for X amount of time or premently banned


Lets look at truckersmp system:

banned for X amount of time or premently banned

prefectly balanced? not even close. The solve?

Adding a licence system. How does it work? similer to real life but with some changes:

If the driver made a simple like a reckless over take or something like that, he gets X amount of point in his/here licence. If he/she gets X amount of points, he/she gets banned for X amount of times.

if the driver does something seriously dangers/ reckless he get his licence taken away for X period of time or peremently banned.

why will it be better?

It will be more balanced for all drivers in truckersmp and more fair

{as in realife the trucker must pass a test to get his licence}

Using this methoed or something similer it will be more balanced and fair 

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Great idea, but having the resources to reinforce these rules will be hard to come by. How do we determine an unsafe overtake? What about getting rear ended, does that count as a collision and a point? Despite these setbacks, this should definitely be looked at. Could be a huge game changer

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Your suggestion raises the question of whether and how collected points can be reduced again.

Besides that, the difference between "gets banned for X amounts of times" and "gets his license taken away for X periods of times" seems quite blurry.


Could you elaborate on these issues in more detail?


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1 hour ago, Mαvi~ said:

In case of such a system, there will be a big decrease in the tmp population. it does not look like a very useful system in a virtual environment. The current system is fine.

I think so too. I am satisfied with the current system.

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