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I have a problem with the Cargotras company in Milan



when you go out to the left as seen in the photo there is a shed, which does not show the vehicles, and several times they do not stop and damage me, I find it dangerous because the gate is too close to the intersection, it can be solved by removing the shed or should artificial intelligences be improved that if there is a means they must stop it, not that they continue at full throttle? thank you
in the photo I put the red arrow indicating the blind spot and I indicated which vehicles are not seen


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TruckersMP doesn't have any traffic, so this should be adressed to SCS Software on SCS Forum.


However, knowing the situation regarding state of the AI traffic in the game, the developers have neglected improving AI traffic for many years, which led to many more complex problems with each added map expansion.

There is also a reported bug since version 1.46, which causes AI to spawn too close to the player, most notably off-screen when player is not looking their way (you will notice this when turning at intersection and checking left and right periodically), sometimes even in plain view in front of the player while driving on the highway.

This bug makes the so called "Truman Show" effect (when everything revolves around the player) of AI spawning even worse than ever before, often causing a lot of congestion when player stays in one area for longer period of time.


You can turn right instead and circle the streets around, or if AI gives you headache in any particular spot, use console command g_traffic x , where you replace x with number between 0 to 1, with 1 being default and 0 disables AI completely. Anything between reduces spawn rates, you can use values higher than 1, but it lowers performance by a lot.

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