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Which road is the closest to reality?


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Today I've watched a documentary on TV where they filmed the Grossglockner Pass in Austria. It's that road on ETS2:



And I realised how realistic this road is in ETS2 🤯

Here is an example, even the turns correspond to the real road:



Doesn't it remind you anything ? 😃


Do you guys know any other road which is very close to the reality like that one?

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SCS develops the areas based on IRL locations. It would be wrong of them to misrepresent the in game locations we go to.

  • Viva La France DLC
  • Italia DLC
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Road to Black Sea
  • Beyond the Baltic Sea
  • Every state in ATS.
  • Iberia DLC


Due to outdated scaling, these areas aren't up to the current scale:

  • UK
  • Scandinavia DLC
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Going East DLC
  • Luxembourg

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