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Truck with save-edit coding or truck with normal modification?


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I'm really skilled at trucks built with save and edit.I can design trucks very well.

But I'm tired of this situation and I enjoy it as much as possible with factory trucks and stock trucks.

My current passion is realistic trucks and simplicity.

Here are some examples




Kind Regards,

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Guest Fummelprinz

I prefer to 99% none Save Edited Trucks, i have a few, Self and Clean Edited Trucks without any Game Performance Decreasing to Other Players and within actual Game and Real Rules. Unfortunately there are many not so Clean Edited Trucks (Code) on the Server that having floating Parts, floating Cargos, Excessive Slot Stacking of Lights and Accessoiries, broken Physics which causing game performance decreasing to other Players and many times with weird lookings!


Edit: My Actual Role Play Truck!


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I think many players should use normal trucks, and only a few players will choose to use vehicles modified with modifiers. Although such vehicles are beautiful, I think more people will still like to use normal trucks. but still most of the time I'd go for a modified vehicle because that truck looks better

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