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The new generation trucks you want to see in the game


Which truck would you like?  

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I'm still looking forward to Iveco, Iveco drives less because other vehicles in the game have been driven




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Hey there trucker!


With the new generation of Trucks, i really cannot wait for the new Mercedes and Volvo to arrive.

I had the great chance of testing out one of the new MP5 at my work. One of my co-partners had the pleasure of getting one imported as an expanding of his company, which he gave permissions for us as partners to come by and have a test-drive in it. 

For the Volvo i had the opportunity to try that aswell because another co-partner has one. He had gotten it home with a full special-build version of this greater truck so it makes it obviously for me that i would want to see them in the upcoming updates!


What would you want to see as a part of the next updates?

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In my opinion the oldest looking European truck in the ETS2 game is the Iveco. The new models of the brand look amazing and there is a need to replace the old ones...

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