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Why is the voice of the car in the game like tractor


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I think it would be nice if each car had different engine sounds but the staffs have to make a lot of effort so that's not something that can be done right now.

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This is how I can explain and interpret it;


  • Even being able to drive in a truck simulation game is an extra option, but it's funny to complain about the sound. ?
  • Adding the car sound you hear in real life for the game requires holding various copyrights. It is necessary for it to be an official transaction. Also, TMP cannot do this. Big, SCS style game companies are required to have this type of copyright.
  • There is no copyrighted car company at SCS. Since Tmp offers this chance to players, an official voiceover cannot be made.

In addition, a similar sound can be heard from today's 1.6 and 1.9 engine vehicles. If you want to change the sound as an extra, you can use the sound mode. I'm sure you can find some great mods with a little research.

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