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I want my mic to work, need help.



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Hey I Shadel


As far as I understand, you bought a new microphone and you want to use it in the game. If you have a new microphone without any problems and the microphone appears to be active on your computer, you just need to do the following;


  1.   Enter the game and connect to the server.
  2.   If desired, enter an audio channel by typing /channel (1,2,3...) into the chat.
  3.   And now if your microphone is solid all you have to do is speak by pressing the "X" Key.


 And now enter the game and try it. If your microphone worked smoothly, don't forget to give feedback. I'll help.


Kind Regards


TruckersMP Veteran Driver I

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You'll have to hold X during gameplay to speak to nearby players. You'll see the ? icon in lower right corner as you hold down the key.


If you want to ask anywhere on forums whenever 32-bit version of MP will be supported in future, try to start GTA V on your 32-bit machine before checking game's system requirements.

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How to fix sudden steering issue on your USB steering wheel

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Hello, you can read this topic





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Hello there!

Has your question been answered with the above given answers?
Your confirmation of the status of your question, helps us keep the forum organized!

I await your return! ? 

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2 saat önce Shadel şunları söyledi:

Hey ben Shadel


Anladığım kadarıyla yeni bir mikrofon alanınız ve kullanmak isteyeceksiniz. Bir sorun yaşamadan yeni bir mikrofonunuz varsa ve satın alınabileceksa satın almak için yeterli olacaktır;


  1.   Oyuna girin ve sunucuya bağlanın.
  2.   mutlu sohbete /channel (1,2,3...) bir ses kanalı girin.
  3.   Ve şimdi mikrofonunuz sağlamsa tek yapmanız gereken "X" Tuşuna hoşunuza gidiyor.


 Ve şimdi oyuna girin ve deneyin. Mikrofonunuz çalıştıysa geri bildirimde bulunmayı unutmayın. Ben yardimci.




Kamyoncular MP Kıdemli Sürücü I

I tried this comment and it worked, thanks. ?

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