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Kick a player if too much report is tried to be created aginst the player


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Suggestion Name: Kick a player if too much report is tried to be created aginst a player

Suggestion Description: If a person is being reported for too many times on game servers in a short period, than the player could be kicked (or temporarily blocked playing on the servers) to avoid further disruption of a simulation server, leading to much better experience for users.

Any example images: N/A

Why should it be added?: Unfortunately in this game there are a lot of players who aren't following the rules, and obviously they usually do these violations intentionally at a popular area in the game. For exampe, a person going on the highway on the wrong side of the road is really dangerous, and if several players would report that player, the player would be temporarily blocked to join the servers leading to a much safer experience for avarage users.


//Idea by @Ivonole

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Thanks for your suggestion.

Although this would be a nice idea, this could be easily abused.


Additionally, it's a frequently suggested suggestion:



Therefore, I will have to reject this suggestion. Thanks for your understanding.


Kind regards,


TruckersMP Community Manager

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