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My report was declined due to using offensive language in youtube report title.





According to rule 1.5 it states that you are able to use mild insults such as idiot or noob and the word on the video said idiot. Please help me understand this because according to the rules I have not done anything wrong and I do not see how the word idiot can be seen as offensive. Any help will be great. 


Many thanks,



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Hello @That_logic_guy

As the rule states, you cannot include insults in the title of the video, nor insult within the evidence regardless of whether the insult is mild or heavy because you would be breaking rule 1.4. If you include an insult of any kind your evidence will be invalid and the report will be rejected. I understand that the insult you used can be categorized as mild, but it is still an insult. Keep this in mind the next time you make reports, additionally you can read the rules to learn more about what rule 1.4 say.



Kind regards,


TruckersMP Game Moderator. 






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Hey there,


Since you have not requested us to reopen this topic for seven(7) days, I will go ahead and move this topic to the "Unsolved Topics" section.
If you are still requiring assistance with your issue, please contact us via the Support System.


Kind Regards,
TruckersMP Support


//Moved to Unsolved Topics.

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