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A Discord Warning That Ruined Everything For Me



I am not saying the warning was unfair nor am I trying to argue about it, just a question. The warning has a valid reason behind it. Please note this before reading.


Hey everyone,


So, I was warned around six months ago. With my attempt to become apart of Support, I got to the final review with me failing because of one thing, a discord warning. Now, that was quite annoying because the warning is something that was very minor but has now prevented me from becoming apart of Support. So, I have two questions.


How long is the "cooldown" period on the warnings before being eligible to apply.

Is there a way to somehow removing warnings through an appeal.






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Hello there,

The cooldown period for punishments is 12 months. You can read the core requirements here:


Global requirements

  • No bans / forum or Discord punishments within the last 12 months;


If you want to appeal your Discord punishment, then you can create a feedback ticket to Community Moderation Management.
Select the Category as Community Moderation Management and say you want to appeal your discord punishment.

You can create a feedback ticket here:

Kind Regards,


TruckersMP Game Moderator


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For your first question, from the "Requirements" topic in the "Recruitment" section of the forums:

No bans / forum or Discord punishments within the last 12 months;  So if you had a warning 6 months ago, you should be able to apply in 6 more months from now.


To your second question, from "Discord-rules":

- 9.04. You can contest any punishments you have received via the feedback system, selecting the “Community Moderation Management” category when creating a ticket.

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Hello @Palad,


First off, thank you for participating on forum activities. 


As this look like a question, after having discussion with my manager, I will move it to Help section because here is not the proper place to ask questions. And also a Support team member would give you a better answer regarding your question.


Thank you for your understanding. 




Forum Moderator - TruckersMP


// Moved from General Discussion to Help section.

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Hi there!


I am glad to hear that you got an answer to your question.


Do not hesitate to contact us again by creating a topic or a support ticket.


Kind regards,


TruckersMP Support


// Locked and Moved to Solved.

Maybe it helps you:


     - if you are newbie in TruckersMP community, go to Knowledge Base section;

     - if you need support, go to Help section or create a ticket here;

     - if you want to learn more about TruckersMP, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, go to Guides section;

     - if you want to join a virtual trucking company, go to VTC section.


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