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[ANSWERED] [Add-On Managment] A few questions



1. Alternating vehicles

How long does it usually take to prepare vehicles that are added monthly? What is the indicative order of magnitude for two vehicles: 5 hours, 15 hours or for example 30 hours or more?


2. On March 17, 2021, the Project Manager at Q&A on TruckersMP Twitch mentioned that Add On Team had 25 projects that were ongoing. Looking at the last 10 months.

How would you rate the progress of work? Were most of the projects successfully implemented? Have there been any that have been canceled?


3. What is the current status related to this Confirmed Bug: Scout rear mirror zoom (ETS) https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/80084-scout-rear-mirror-zoom-ets/

(no action / planned fixed / in progress / repaired and implemented soon)?


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Thank you for asking us some questions! Let's get right to it:


1. Like a lot of projects that we work on, alternating vehicles (AV) requires a team effort to complete each time. About a year ago, I converted every AI vehicle in ETS2 to be drivable either by players or staff. It took about 50-60 hours to convert each vehicle using Blender, write the necessary DEF files, and to test each vehicle making changes as necessary. Since all of the work was done up front, it now takes us about 10 minuets to prepare the new vehicles. Obviously, additional time is taken to prepare the community vote, analyze the date, pick the new cars to be voted, and utilize the testing team to test the new vehicles before they go onto the live servers. 


2. During the year of 2021, we had many things on going and planned out. Most of these projects were in the early stages of development. Some of them have indeed been canceled due to their implication being either too complex or too simple to be standalone items. Some items are complete; however, they are waiting for the Developers to finish certain backend systems for the website and game servers. Additionally, the Add On Team didn't have very many members meaning that work too a long time as most people either work full time, have a family full time, or go to school full time. We'd prefer to release items that are perfect and bug free instead of things that are half baked and riddled with easily fixable issues. That being said, probably one of the biggest projects to date will be coming out in February 2022 with more things following in March. 2022 will be a good year for TruckersMP and we can't wait to see how the community will enjoy these new upcoming items. 


3. The issues with the mirrors in the scout have been a long running issue that we revisit from time to time. Essentially the issue is that ETS2 and ATS use different textures and reflective properties for the mirrors which cause the effect. We have a plan to completely revamp the interior of the scout car to be more modern. We will look into fixing the mirror again at this time, but currently we do not have high hopes for a fix. Previous attempts caused issues with the mirrors in either game not loading or just showing a black texture. The current state was the best possible setting given the situation. 

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