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Sim 1 Popularity to Sim 2.

Gabe Fruit

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6 hours ago, Gabe Fruit said:

Sim 1 used to be the main server for TMP, Sim 2 was just used for other stuff and didn't have that many players. How did Sim 2 become the main server and Why did Sim 1 get deserted?


Since a while ago I've been noticing that SIM1 is very unstable, ms rising, server falling. I honestly think there must be a problem at Host...

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8 hours ago, P h o e n i x said:

Sim1 had connection issues for a while (might still?), so people moved to Sim2


Of course, its somewhat ironic that this is how TruckersMP (or I should say, ETS2MP at that point) was for the longest time, the majority of players were always on EU2 rather than EU1.


I agree this opinion.


When I played on TruckersMP before 2~3 years ago, Most of users use #EU2 then #EU1 or #EU3. #EU4 [Freeroam] Server still low players at that time. 


Nah, Anyway C-D Road was complex till ?




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Personally, I think there should be some problems with the connection of S1 server, so people have switched to S2 server. I still miss the 4000 people in S1, ha ha


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