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Does these kinda trolls get banned if i open a ticket?



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Hello Shichibukai,


I firstly want to point you to rule '§1.4 - Reporting users' if you wish to report someone. Your current evidence does not comply with this rule, especially:


§1.4 - Reporting users

Any breaches of the below rules might result in a 30 day ban from our report system for a first offense, and a permanent ban for a second offense, and will lead to your report getting rejected.



  • Evidence containing insults or otherwise offensive marks from the reporter won't be accepted and the reporter might be banned for inappropriate use of language, depending on the severity.



Other than that if you wish to report another user you can use the report system here.


The violations shown in these provided evidences by you are however not enough to warrant a ban. The users only slightly enter your lane and cause you no immediate danger, therefore this would be more of a kickable offence when encountered ingame.


Kind regards,


TruckersMP Game Moderator

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I cannot really judge this as I am not a Game moderator myself, however I am pretty sure all three reports are most likely to get declined.

Seeing that they only cut your lane slightly without harming you in any way, I don't think it would be even worth reporting them.
Of course though, cutting lanes and thus putting others in danger is considered reckless driving in the first place as per rule §2.2.
However, you had plenty of space left to avoid possible collisions and therefore a simple kick would be more suitable in all three cases.

Once again, I am not a Game moderator. The above just represents my own point of view. 
If you want to report them anyway, go ahead. 

Best regards, 

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16 minutes ago, Shichibukai said:

People from oncoming lane always drove onto me when im driving. Will they get banned?




There is no vehicle contact and there is no damage so most likely no however if you reported them in-game they might get kicked but if you think it is worth reporting https://truckersmp.com/reports


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Thank you guys. I thought they might not worthy of ban but this is so annoying especially when they turn their wheel against you while they pass you to "scare" you. I reported so many people and didn't want to waste a report space for these if they weren't worthy of a ban and you guys said it wasn't. Ty again

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