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  1. Thanks, didn't know there's been a dlc about it.
  2. it is change to off-list now. Can you see it now? I'll look at the forum
  3. I saw this guy using the same looking skin for his truck and his trailer. To my knowledge, trailers don't have that skin. Is there a mod or editing requires it or do i not know that trailers got more skins? vid= https://youtu.be/nx2KuvDBT_s
  4. Should i report the car or the truck for driving from my lane?
  5. I didn't had time to try. Im also waiting for support answer as Mirage2357 said above
  6. Does it work on Multiplayer tho? That is the question and it will only be shown to me because other people didn't downloaded the mod
  7. As you can see in photo, this is a job that you can get from Scania. I want the trailer skin for my owned trailers. Is there a way to do that via save editing etc?
  8. I've seen trucks with cement mixers rotating behind them. I searched for it but all i can see is coding and changing stuff and my mind just melt. Is there a mod that adds the mixer? I've seen 1.39 mods that includes it but since we are on 1.40 i don't think they'll work. I also searched the forum but again, all i see is save editing and it seems complex.
  9. Thank you guys. I thought they might not worthy of ban but this is so annoying especially when they turn their wheel against you while they pass you to "scare" you. I reported so many people and didn't want to waste a report space for these if they weren't worthy of a ban and you guys said it wasn't. Ty again
  10. People from oncoming lane always drove onto me when im driving. Will they get banned? Vids; https://youtu.be/03nN-npsT64 https://youtu.be/-38KS_Kx0k8 https://youtu.be/EUmPKRIZJN0
  11. Thank you, didn't know that i need to type there by myself. Appreciate it
  12. I made my own VTC and chose a tag but i don't see it appearing next to my name. Does other players see it except me or we made vtc tag to tell people what to put in their tag?
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