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I just got an oculus quest 2 head set,,, I went thought and set it up in the regular game to work in VR,,, and looks awesome. but when I go to log in thought truckers MP,,, even though I have the up to date with 1.40 version since I made the changes to get it working in the VR headset is says it not compatible with truckers MP? Has anyone else tried that.

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Hello there @Mike_Knight_1977


Firstly, I checked some topics about VR in solved topic and final solutions is:


As have been said here, TruckersMP does not support VR at this time and they dont look for that in near future.



If i can recommend, use open tracker, its like VR. 

Please check this video:




Hope, my answer will help to your question


Have nice day


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Hello @Mike_Knight_1977


We are glad to hear that you have found the answer you were looking for, and deeply apologise for the incompatibility of VR in multiplayer. 

Thank you to everyone for participating in answering the question. 

If you do have anymore questions or need anymore assistance, please do not hesitate to create another forum topic, contact the Support Team via the Support System (https://truckersmp.com/support), or via the Official Discord server. 


I hope you and everyone else has a wonderful day. 


Kind Regards,


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