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Questions regarding overtaking in narrow road



First of all sorry for my bad English, I'm not a native speaker. And I'm not a licenced driver irl.


Imagine below scenario:



A car is in front of me and it's driving slow, and hence I try to overtake with the left lane, which is the opposite lane. If there is no on-coming vehicle, is this kickable/bannable?

What should I do/not do in this situation?


Thanks in advance.

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To answer your question:
-> Overtaking in this situation isn’t kickable nor is it bannable as long as you do the following things:


- Make sure there really is no oncoming vehicle before overtaking. 
- Be quick when overtaking. If you notice other people coming, immediately stop your overtaking maneuver. 

- After overtaking, merge back into the right lane with a save distance. Do not cut others off. 
- Always stick to your lane and keep looking into your mirror.

When doing all the things above, there shouldn’t be any issue with overtaking. 
However, if you want to be on the save side, be patient and adjust your speed to the person in front.

Additionally, there is also a guide that might be worth reading trough. It'll explain what to do when overtaking someone or being overtaken yourself:
-> https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/28933-over-taking-with-imperial-mesurments/&tab=comments#comment-545

If you're unsure about how to behave in other situations, I would as well suggest having a look into the TruckersMP rules here:
-> https://truckersmp.com/rules

I hope this could help you answer your question. 
Kindest regards,

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This is written in the official TruckersMP rules, about overtaking;



Traffic lights and stop signs can be ignored if no other users are in the immediate area. Also, overtaking is allowed if no other users were put in any risk of an accident. Speeding, while allowed, is not recommended. Speeding can lead to accidents and can factor in a punishment decision. Baiting other players into accidents will not be tolerated and is punishable.


§2.4 - Incorrect Way / Inappropriate Overtaking*

 Driving the incorrect way down a road. Overtaking or undertaking another player in an area of extremely low FPS and/or in areas with large amounts of traffic and/or resulting in an accident or anything similar. This also includes overtaking or undertaking on any one-lane in each direction road where there is excessive traffic such as a traffic jam. Areas with a large amount of traffic are considered to be 25+ players.


I hope that your question has been answered. Feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.  ?

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Kindest regards,
Stay safe!
_sneaht_0810 | TruckersMP Community Moderation Manager

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Hello there! ?


We are glad to hear that you were able to solve your issue.

Thank you to everyone for helping here!

If you require more help in the future, please do not hesitate to create another Topic or a Support Ticket.


Kind Regards,


TruckersMP - Support & Add-On Team


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?? Rules Support Feedback | Guides Ban Appeal ??

?? Szabályzat Támogatás | Visszajelzés | Tudásbázis Fellebbezés ??





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