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What is your reason for going on the CD road?

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I prefer not to drive on C-D road since there is a high potential of an accident. The roads always contains many traffic jams and since the trucks are in close proximity to each other even, a simple ping or FPS drop can ruin the whole experience even if it's not yours. Besides the cons, there are pros of the C-D road, such as the population within the area; you don't see that many vehicles drive together in any other game.

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I don't drive there in multiplayer anymore.

Because I don't want my truck, trailer or cargo damaged by players who can't follow rules.


Europe offers beautiful views and challenging roads. 

But the infamous area between Duisburg and Calais has neither of them.


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Only my friends go there and I go there to drive with them, so I am being taken away by force .. :RIP:

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