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Change the logo on the steering wheel (Alternating Vehicles)

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Suggestion Name: Change the logo on the steering wheel (Alternating Vehicles)


Description and example images: My suggestion is to replace the logo of vehicles from "alternating vehicles", from Scout logo on the Steering wheel to the logo of the vehicle given by SCS Soft.

I am aware that while announcing this we were told that we should expect vehicles with Scout's or Truck's interior in it, but I think changing a little accessory, which is a logo on the steering wheel is not impossible.

The logo on the steering wheel could just look like this (Braco logo because it was the available vehicle when I was writing this suggestion)


Or just replace it with black texture


The rest would stay as it looks like now.


Why it should be added:  The logo of Scout looks a bit weird on vehicles not made by Scout (like on Braco). It would give these vehicles a nicer look and make their interiors a little bit different than the Scout.


I will not be surprised if the suggestion will be declined, but I think some people would agree with me that the Scout's logo on vehicles not made by Scout (Skoda) looks weird

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Hello there! Your suggestion was initially accepted, however, after further review it is unfortunately not something we can deliver at this moment. This is related to a combination of difficulties in terms of human capital, a significant increase in extra file size that would be added to each release every time, and the disbalance between the efforts it requires compared to the value that it generates. As such, we regret to inform you that we will not work on this suggestion at this moment. It may, however, be something that we could deliver in the distant future. Thank you for your understanding and your interest.


// Rejected

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