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Suggestion Name: Improve the user search function on the TMP website

Suggestion Description: Currently the search user function on the TruckersMP website is very lacking. It appears to be very basic and rarely gives you an easy time finding the user you are looking for, even if you know their exact name.

Any example images: -

Why should it be added?: 

Take the Pries Logistics member •Nika• (https://truckersmp.com/user/1752165). His name is quite common, but his exact name (with the dots in front and behind) is unique. Unfortunately, searching for his exact name does not return any results, as the search function does not seem to accept those characters. I am then limited to searching the quite common name 'Nika', which gives me 45 pages of 24 users to look through: https://truckersmp.com/user/search?search=Nika


Another example: The Pries Logistics member _A J_ (https://truckersmp.com/user/2440681). Again, quite a specific name. However, the space that is inside his name makes the search function return any user with _A or J_, giving me 42 pages of 24 users. Admittedly, he appears in the last place on the first page, but I believe that is pure coincidence; he could have been anywhere in those 42 pages: https://truckersmp.com/user/search?search=_A+J_


I could probably find an infinite amount of examples but I think I can assume that most of you have dealt with this issue before. Either when trying to report someone when you only have their name, or when trying to look up a VTC member or general person of interest. I don't know how complicated it would be to add an improved search function, but I don't think it would be too complicated to at least allow people to search operators (AND, OR, "" etc.), as well as special characters that are allowed in TMP usernames.

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