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Coyote Bandits vs. the Lion

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This is an actual event that happened recently as I did a run in Multiplayer from Duisburg, Germany to Lyon, France. Haulin' about 10k in my 560hp Iveco Hi-Way. 
At approx. 3:30 in the afternoon, almost 2/3rd's of the way through the run, I came upon a pack of "coyote bandits"...punks in passenger cars...right after they had tipped over another trucker.
As I made my way round the fallen brother trucker, I noticed there were 3 bandits on scene here and 2 up ahead..and as I moved through the pack it was clear they wanted to knock me over also.
I was on the open highway, all alone..no friends, no admins..surrounded in the front and back by bandits. 

They made one very major mistake, however.  They were clearly new players..  I am not. I'm Level 79. It was time to show them the error of their life path.

One of the bandits that was ahead of me pulled out in front of me and tried to tip me by running into the side of my cab..it did not work (Iveco trucks are super stable, resist tipping)..and he fell behind.  I slowed down just enough to let him get next to my trailer..and neatly changed lanes while swiping him off the road and flipping him. 1 dirtbag down.

Before I could fully get up to speed, his wingmate tried to ram me directly from behind..it did not work and he fell off (must have got too damaged, I suffered no damage.)
The rest were still behind me. I let the pack catch up and then took the lead car out of the game with the old trailer side-swipe again (truckers best friend.} As I smiled ear-to-ear, the others just fell away. I used the /fix command and smiled even more. They fell off my radar, apparently wanting to move onto easier prey. I had won.
I chuckled all the way to Lyon and got an Excellent rating to boot. Yo. Iveco in the House.

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And now you risk being reported and banned for ramming if they have video of those "incidents". And let me tell you, "I was defending myself" won't be a valid excuse in an appeal if you are banned. Bandits or not, you can't go ramming others out of the roads, them being trolls doesn't mean that you can just destroy them, that's what the report system is for. Just so you know, many of these trolls are always recording their gameplay, they provoke other players only to get a reaction and depending on the reaction... They just cut the video to what they want it to show and BAM, web report and the victim gets banned.


You know, you are never "helpless". I see a situation like the one you described, I immediately pull over away from the road, stop, go into freecam mode, hit F1 and wait. Trolls don't have a lot of patience, I do. If they go, then I'll keep driving. If they don't... They can try to ram my truck while I'm stopped, that's fine, because while in F1 mode, the truck becomes a static object to other players, it can't be moved, it can't be damaged. Best of all, I'll be recording everything. Not only I stay safe from damage, I stay safe from being reported/banned and I'll get the "bandits" banned for trolling. Last option, they just stay there. I'll exit the game, go in single player or in other server, drive away for a while and then if I feel like it, go back to the previous server.

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Hello @Carl Langford


Please do not take matters into your own hand like this. As said before, this just makes you open to being banned as well, if they report you with valid evidence. No matter how many times you get trolled (or similar), you should never ram them as some sort of revenge. Doing it is simply being just as bad as the trolls themselves. Instead I highly suggest you to just ignore them, let them do their thing and record them, so that you can later report them on our website and we can take appropriate action against them (check this guide out for some recording programs you can use). Acting revenge on trolls is exactly what they want; they want your attention and then they might make it look like you intentionally rammed them, even though you "only tried defending yourself". It's simple, really. Ignore them, record them, and then report them. Nothing more nothing less. Of course you need to make sure you still follow our rules when trying to ignore the trolls (such as making reasonable efforts to avoid collisions (§2)). 


Kind regards,  
TruckersMP GM + CMT

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