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  1. No, not solved at all. The Glitch still persists and nobody will admit it's a glitch. Why is there a hi-power cargo pack if you cannot tow those items? This is insane. No game designer could be that stupid. It's obviously a glitch.
  2. I'm an American. We defend ourselves when attacked. But I have no desire to get banned, so lets hope the admins can get a handle on the punks ..maybe turn off cars, that would probably be a good idea. Happy trails people.
  3. I got the hi-power cargo pack as I wanted to tow Helicopters. I click on job market, find a helicopter someplace, set the GPS, fast travel to the closest garage and by the time I get to the shipper, the cargo is gone..no helicopter. How..then..is it possible to use the hi-power cargo pack if the cargo is always gone by the time you get to the shipper? This is really confusing. Kind of makes me want my money back for it as I have never ever gotten to tow one single helicopter..as it does not seem to work. is this just a glitch in MP or is this a glitch game-wide? What is
  4. This is an actual event that happened recently as I did a run in Multiplayer from Duisburg, Germany to Lyon, France. Haulin' about 10k in my 560hp Iveco Hi-Way. At approx. 3:30 in the afternoon, almost 2/3rd's of the way through the run, I came upon a pack of "coyote bandits"...punks in passenger cars...right after they had tipped over another trucker. As I made my way round the fallen brother trucker, I noticed there were 3 bandits on scene here and 2 up ahead..and as I moved through the pack it was clear they wanted to knock me over also. I was on the open highway, all alone..no frien
  5. When playing multiplayer, I cannot get the system to allow cargo pickup other than expert mode. I've played with all the settings. Questions: 1. I'm level 53 in the game, is it forcing me into expert mode because I am so high a level? 2. If not, then how do I turn it off? I'd like to stop having to back my trailer into the docks..but it never gives me the option like it used too..
  6. Just hopped onto ATS and noticed I was limited to 81 MPH instead of the (still annoying) 100mph... what is this? Are you trying to make ATS all wimpy like ETS 2?
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