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  1. Just hopped onto ATS and noticed I was limited to 81 MPH instead of the (still annoying) 100mph... what is this? Are you trying to make ATS all wimpy like ETS 2?
  2. Yup. Volvo seems faster and does handle better for some reason. I'm still trying to determine if the Cummins or the Volvo motor is better for the track, the Volvo makes peak torque at lower RPM's..however straight-line tests don't reveal any differences. I thought maybe it would make Volvo better out of the corners but have only done casual timings so far. Drag racing can only show so much however, I'm playing with different wheelbase lengths to see if I can get a good balance of traction (not drifting as much) to weight. I am also wondering if the cheaper rims might weigh less? I did a bit of testing (straight line) using various transmission settings (adaptive off and in high, normal and econ). High and normal were better than off but not different from one another (in a straight line run.) For getting every last bit of speed however, doing manual (sequential) shifting seems to work best though it's more work. In a straight line I was not able to make it faster than the automatics, but around corners and coming out of corners I can put it where I want to be exactly.. more work, but better times around the track.
  3. Ah, thanks for sharing your opinion. Yeah, I get that truckersmp does not make the game but some modding is clearly do-able (notice the cars.) And yes, I did suggest this to the game company proper but felt it helps to get a discussion or "buzz" going if one wants real results. Anyway, for those that I've seen at the track who have essentially finished the game, who are looking for some competition and to test and tweak on the current crop of cars and trucks, I'd like to hear from you. I have seen plenty of people at the track, lets race ! I can't be the only one with too much money and nothing left to do in the game who wants to explore a very real-life offshoot of having more money than you can spend by owning a wildly successful trucking company..which is buying big, expensive toys and having fun once you get "there." I'm just sayin'. I'm Carl Langford, back to you in the studio Bill.
  4. Howdy everyone. Carl Langford here, Jedi Racing. While many have reminded us "This is not a racing game." that's not absolutely true when you consider the "hidden" Tucson racing track. That being said, for those interested in racing on the Tucson Track, what combination of trucks, motor, transmission, etc.. have you found to be the best? I'm currently having great results with a stripped down Volvo basic model, no frills, sequential / automatic in high power mode..best tires and rims, 600hp Cmns. but I have not tried the 600hp Volvo yet to compare. I was getting fast times with a stripped down Kenworth with the 625 Cat. motor and 7 speed rds transmission...but the Volvos handle better, they break tires less and don't require as much drifting. I thought I noticed this early in the game when doing jobs that required I use other companies trucks. ------this next part is just food for thought and a humble suggestion to the game makers On the topic of Racing.. Once you have all the garages, every truck for every driver is the best, more trailers than you can use, 50+ million in the bank and no way to really spend it.. There needs to be something for the big boys after the "got it all" part of the game..it should not end there. Racing was always a rich-boy game anyway, I have everything I could want in the game and more money than I can spend so … lets see an expansion on the racing angle, more engines, level-locked upgrades, etc etc. Really terribly expensive stuff too so we have to work for it, tweak our shops to the highest efficiency etc. As it is, I don't care if Las Vegas has only 3 bars in the performance meter, I don't have anything to spend the money on.
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