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Found 68 results

  1. QuacksLxgic

    Radio Stations

    What's everyones favorite radio station while driving ingame? Personally, i really enjoy TruckersFM, pretty good mix of music along with some cool hosts
  2. mastergaming234

    People I sound low when I use the cb

    The CB picks up my voice but some folks say that I sound to low and they cant hear me. The ingame microphone settings are turned up. Is there anything I can do to adjust the sensitivity, instead of me yelling into my mic.
  3. لینک ویدیو استفاده از رادیو فارسی درون بازی محبوب یوروتراک و نحوه فعال سازی آن رادیو ها به روز شد - 11/03/1398 لینک آپارات https://www.aparat.com/v/G1UsS/ لینک یوتیوب https://youtu.be/s5vgMuMx4pI live_streams.sii
  4. Hi all, I have been on ‘Air’ (internet wise) since 2006.. i have amassed over 200,000 tunes, been on countless radio stations and contributed somewhere around 2,000+ shows and an unimaginable number of hours to on an air entertainment. I also did my first ever ‘live’ dj’ing in a club in the mid 80’s.. with vinyl. To put it bluntly, I done my time. I have seen many things, I have seen stations rise and fall like attack ships on fire off the shoulders of Orion,, i have sen DJ’s go big and then go home, I watched listener counts go from 3 to 30 to 3,000+ and return to dust.. Hell I even bought a burger at a Wimpy bar and enjoyed it. In Short, I’m Old. Been there, got the T shirt, dated the daughter of the guy who started it way back when and had the pleasure of seeing her settle down with a nice guy and invite me to her wedding and be a god parent to her kids and watch over them as they had kids of their own.. So, whats the point? Point is, I am bored, bored of todays music, bored of being treated like a 5 year old and bored of being spoon fed what is others have ‘screened’ for me to listen to. I suspect I am not alone. I want to start a new Radio Station, a ‘MATURE’ radio station... and I do not know why but as soon as you say ‘MATURE’ in caps everyone googles... Sorry to disappoint. MATURE Radio means :- Music that may contain swear words (list below) DJ’s who may utter ‘bad’ words. GOOD MUSIC MATURE TOPICS most importantly, music aimed at adults who do not want every song presented to them as though it is on Postman Pats Radio Station. However, lines will be drawn, music will be foremost.. I do not want to limit the DJ’s in the music they play, music is music, wether written by Gary Glitter or comedy by Bill Cosby or Jim Norton but... that ‘s music.. comedy.. speech & content wise DJ’s will be held accountable.. racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc etc all no no no.. . I want the DJ’s to be free to play good music, free of the shackles of ‘lets not upset the kids’ Impolitely, you have been up and out and have been at work all day, i want you to turn the radio on and relax with a whiskey in your hand and if you want to a smoke in the other, you sure as hell don’t want some a hole telling you its bad for you, sitting back and discussing which brands of whiskey or smokes between banging tunes? Now thats a radio station. So, when the radio starting? Soon, it’s a money thing, I am aware that as soon as we play song 1 we will fave 20,000 SJ warriors who will try and close us down so from day 1, song 1 we have to be PRS, PPL registered ( no prs/ppl doesn’t care what you play as long as you pay) so yeah, its a money thing. Time I stepped up, put my money where my mouth is.. and yes, it may be 6 months or a year.. but sooner i start.. the sooner its done. What ‘bad’ music will i bring then, to corrupt your souls? Bee Gees.. (yeah! They swore in some songs). Will Smith.. yeah, he swore also.. The Beautiful South Eminem. In some songs he didn’t ! System of a down Steel Panthers Natasha Leggero Robin Williams Slipknot Rage Against the Machine Blink 182 Limp Bizkit Dope Psychostcik Jonny Cash Elton John The Who Pink Floyd The Dead Kennedys Dire Straights Tenacious D Fatboy Slim 99.9% of EDM / House music To name but a few there are... more.. many many many many more.. So, I won’t do what you tell me..I won’t do what you tell me, do what you tell me.. killin in the name of... Seriously though its time, to make people want to listen to the radio again.. and yes there will be truck talk, traffic updates, convoys..console & pc gamer talk, car & bike talk, food & current affairs talk,. all the usual stuff... just not served up with a happy meal and a side order of “keep it clean for the kids”.. well there are 1000’s of kid friendly stations out there but stealing a quote from a movie “You see, according to Cocteau's plan I'm the enemy, 'cause I like to think; I like to read. I'm into freedom of speech and freedom of choice. I'm the kind of guy likes to sit in a greasy spoon and wonder - "Gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the jumbo rack of barbecued ribs with the side order of gravy fries?" I WANT high cholesterol. I wanna eat bacon and butter and BUCKETS of cheese, okay? I want to smoke Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in the non-smoking section. I want to run through the streets naked with green jello all over my body reading magazine. Why? Because I suddenly might feel the need to, okay, pal? I've SEEN the future. Do you know what it is? It's a 47-year-old virgin sitting around in his beige pajamas, drinking a banana-broccoli shake, singing "I'm an Oscar Meyer Wiener"” the first recorded ‘blasphemy’ in a song was in the early 1950’s... lets just say the 60’s saw an explosion in it,. Not every song will contain swearing, some will, some won’t.. but I believe in giving the DJ’s the power to pick what they play, playing the best songs they can.. not worrying about the words so much as concentrating on the music... sadly there will always be that 1 guy or girl, so extremist songs & views are out...just because a station allows swearing does not mean a complete free for all. 4chan has rules, so will we. ———— Want to be a DJ..? Will need to be 21+ and have 10,000 songs in mp 3 320 format minimum. want to just generally ‘help’.. message me. want to help donate? Message me.. there will be bills coming out of our.. i suspect advertisers may be thin on the ground! want to bitch & moan & gripe..? Go ahead, no such thing as bad publicity as someone far smarter than I once said.. yeah, i know this is probably a pipe dream.. but this has been a ‘thing’ with me for years, time to put it out there once and for all. DJ.. Anarkros.
  5. Speedy_TMP

    CB Radio Buttons

    Suggestion Name: CB Radio Suggestion Description: Adding a function to use on steering wheel or controller. Why should it be added?: I think it would be alot easier to have the CB button closer to hand when using a steering wheel or controller, as it means taking your hand of your wheel to try and then find the x button on your keyboard, probably giving less chance of crashing or not paying attention to whats in front of you.
  6. maryjm31

    World Radio Stations V11

    Hi, Radio stations, updated, added 42 new stations adding a total of 524. Once the file has been downloaded, copy and paste into the documents / eurotrucksimulator folder. I hope you like it. Do not re-upload, thanks Images: Download: https://sharemods.com/mzbv63b23tlg/live_streams.sii.html https://modsfire.com/iq4i3a7HA7737Z0
  7. Cyrus Van Spark

    Radio Stream URL's

    Being able to play radio stations in ETS and ATS gives a great atmosphere to the game. Well here you go a great amount of URL's to radio streams. Community Radios Rock Radios Mixed Radio Charts/Hits Radios House/EDM Radios MashUp/Remixes Radios ChipsTunes Radios Talk/News Radios Country Radio Blues Radios Jazz Radios Classical Radio Metal Radios I would also recommend using ETS Radio Manager to add these radio stations to your live_streams.sii file - Credits - @Tricky Cletus - Helped with gathering of Stream URL's
  8. UpBeatRadio.net Hello Truckers MP! I'm writing today to present to you my online radio station - UpBeat. UpBeat is an online community powered radio station aimed primarily towards a teenage audience, but we have listeners from all kinds of backgrounds! Since we first opened back in spring of 2016, our primary goal has always been to provide non-stop entertainment that a large variety of people can enjoy whilst going about their day. So far, we've been doing quite well at doing that. We're now reaching and maintaining audiences of 1.2k+ unique visitors per day! We have been running smoothly for almost three years and feel it's about time we take some risks and make a greater attempt to broaden our amazing community! I am writing this thread to present to you a number of things, including some voluntary staff positions we currently have open. If you're not interested in a staff position, that's okay! However I encourage you to take a look at our website and get involved! Our website is open to the public, but once registered you're able to comment on news articles, receive the verified role in our Discord Server, win competitions and much more! You can also take a listen to the radio itself - we have several DJ's live every day! If you're interested in joining our staff team, we currently have two roles open: Radio DJ & News Reporter Radio DJ's are the core role of UpBeat. Radio DJ's are responsible for keeping listeners entertained throughout the day by hosting a range of competitions, taking requests and shoutouts and playing the freshest hits. If you love music, this is the role for you! News Reporter's are responsible for actively posting articles to the UpBeat site. Articles can contain a variety of topics but usually/mostly involve pop culture. If you have a passion for writing, News Reporter is the role for you! A more detailed explanation, including our requirements can be found on our Jobs Page. Once you're registered on the website, the application process is simple! We look forward to hearing from you. That's all! Thank you for reading and we hope to see you around! - Jack & The UpBeat Team
  9. Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! Cela fait un petit temps que mon équipe et moi travaillons sur un projet inédit dans la communauté francophone des jeux de simulation. Contrairement à ce que vous pensez, il n’est pas question d’une publicité pour une Team recherchant des joueurs ou encore moins pour un groupe coop de simulation. Mais il s’agit en réalité d’un appel à toute la communauté francophone ! Pour les gens n’ayant pas le courage de lire un roman, une vidéo qui explique la globalité des choses dites dans ce document est disponible sur YouTube juste ici Pour les « courageux », laissez-moi introduire la chose. Il y a plus d’un mois m’est venu à l’idée avec un ami d’ouvrir une Webradio, mais pas n’importe quel type de webradio comme on pourrait rencontrer sur YouTube avec par exemple des musiques Kpop 24/24… Notre objectif était de créer une Webradio du jeu vidéo et surtout du jeu de simulation ! Moi, mes responsables de projets, mes animateurs, et l’ensemble de la Play4Life Radio nous engageons à : · Ecouter la communauté française comme il se doit. · Permettre aux auditeurs de venir déposer leur song-request. · Permettre aux auditeurs de déposer leur publicité pour leur groupe de simulations. · Permettre aux auditeurs d’avoir leur avis (positif ou négatif) sur les musiques et planning. · Permettre aux auditeurs de faire des dédicaces à leurs meilleurs potes (sous certaine condition). · Vous faire profiter de chacune de vos soirées avec les meilleurs musiques électro dancefloor. · Vous faire profiter de musique quasiment jamais interrompue par des publicités trop extravagante. · Vous partager les meilleurs chansons et top hit du moment. · Vous garantir des rotations musicales différentes chaque jour. · Vous fournir un planning visible pour tous. · Vous faire passer un moment de détente en compagnie d’une équipe motivée. · Faire des émissions dans le monde du jeu vidéo. · Faire des émissions et des annonces sur votre jeu favoris (Euro truck simulator 2, farming, FSX) · Faire des news liés à vos jeux favoris. · Faire passer des auditeurs à l’antenne. Play4Life est également une radio essentiellement Pop & Hit mais vous pourrez y retrouver des musiques des années 80, du daft punk, du deep house, de la country, du rock, et encore plein d’autre styles musicaux spécialement fait pour les Simulations Player. Play4Life est en version Beta 1.0. Cela signifie donc que certaines fonctionnalités sont en cours de développement ou non terminée ! Notamment : · Le site et le Player sont temporaires (ils ne sont pas très beau, je sais…). · La machine est légèrement lente et Il peut y avoir des coupures de flux radios. · Certains fails sonores sont probables. Mais dans la généralité des cas la radio tourne 24/24 sans aucun problème ! N’hésitez pas à rajouter la webradio dans vos radio in Game via les codes suivant : · stream_data[0]: "http://www.play4liferadio.be:8000/p4lradio|Play4LifeRadio|Sim Radio|FR|192|1" N’hésitez pas par la même occasion d’écouter notre radio directement depuis notre site web à l’adresse suivante : http://www.play4liferadio.be Dites-vous que Play4Life cherche à former une énorme communauté de fan de simulations et ainsi à garantir une proximité entre tous les joueurs. Avez-vous envie de participer au progrès de la radio et de la communauté ? Alors Il vous suffit tout simplement de faire une seule chose… Ecouter la radio ! Nous n’hésiterons pas, par la même occasion à vous remercier en vous faisant gagner des cadeaux et des surprises ! Actuellement, vous êtes déjà une vingtaine à nous avoir rejoint, alors pourquoi pas vous ?? Je vous remercie pour votre attention et je vous dit à bientôt sur Play4Life Radio ! PS : Dites moi ce que vous en pensez en commentaires
  10. Skalkery (FR)

    TruckyBot Radio

    Hello everyone, Listening to the radio TruckersFM with the bot TruckyBOT, I ask myself a few things. The music that plays on the radio Is it sent by simple players like us, or is it something that takes care of this radio? If we can send music that can be played on the radio say to me how we can done that. Cordially.
  11. Skalkery (FR)

    Radio for Traffic Jam

    Hello everyone, I would like to know a few things, for the radio for Traffic. is there a French radio for the Traffic Jam in ETS ? Thanks you advance for the answers. Cordially.
  12. Все станции Radiorecord в проигрыватель ETS2 / ATS Делал под себя список всех станций рекорда, ну и раз уж сделал, грех не поделиться. Вдруг кому-то пригодиться. Инструкция по установке крайне проста. Берём файл live_streams.sii и заменяем в папке: \Документы\Euro Truck Simulator 2 или \Документы\American Truck Simulator PROFIT !!! mirror: radio.zip
  13. Hi there, I know when I was new it took me a while to get find this out so I hope this helps people... ------------------------------------------Key Bindings specific to multiplayer----------------------------------------------- Open Chat = 'Y' Toggle Chat = 'F9' Toggle Name Tags = 'F11' Show Nearby players list = 'Tab' Push-to-Talk = 'V' Changed to 'X' now if you have the most current version *to use the mouse whilst the tab menu is open right click* -----------------------------------------Using the Tab Menu--------------------------------------- To open or close just press the tab button. When you open the tab menu you see a list of the players that are near by. Along the bottom there is a cog, this is the setting button. You can click on here and it brings lots of options. For example here you can set your unique player tag and the colour of it. There is also lots of options that are specific to the Multiplayer function of the game. *Note Player Tags Remain across game sessions* Any changes that are made on the settings menu must be completed by you clicking the apply button then the 'Ok' Button. When setting a Player Tag you are not permitted to set it to something that implies you are a member of staff, e.g. Admin or Police etc. This may result in In-Game-Moderators taking action how they see fit. The rules say: Impersonating Administration - Ban It is forbidden to impersonate administration or act as law enforcement such as police. This includes tags, username, paintjobs, lights, etc that would indicate you are behaving as an administrator. ------------------------------Near by Players list-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the main feature on the Tab menu. There is lots of information displayed on this page. From left to right the information is: ID Number specific to that gaming session (it is assigned as the number of player from the slots available on the server) | The Player's Username | The players ping | The Players distance from you | --------------------------------Functions on the Players list---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To open a players profile: simply click on their name You then have the option along the bottom of the window to either open their steam or truckers profile To Report a player: Click on their name At the bottom a button labelled 'Report' appears. Click it Select the reason and submit it. Reports must be legitimate and should not be made out of revenge. If the case is serious you may wish to take your own evidence. The Rules Say: Chat and Report Spamming - Kick / Ban Spamming the use of commands both to other users and commands as a whole or anything similar. ---------------------------------------------Using Voice Chat------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Multiplayer function allows players to communicate in-game using the voice chat function. This works on a push to talk basis by pressing the 'V' key. For the duration the key is pressed your voice is transmitted. This will transmit your voice onto people who are on the same CB radio frequency as you and who are near by. To change your radio frequency, in first person locate your radio stack. In trucks it is generally above your head, in cars it's on your dash board. To change the frequency look enable your mouse by pressing 'Tab' then 'Right Clicking' Click on the stack around the place where the largest knob is. It might take a few attempts. This will cycle through the available frequencies you can broadcast on. As with the in-game test chat there is rules to follow. No spamming, use of profanity or playing of music. This may result in a ban by an in-game moderator. ------------------Using Text Chat--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To open the chat just press 'Y' Then a chat window appears on the left of your screen. Simply type and your message will be entered. Then Press 'Enter' to send your message. This message is sent to anyone Spamming in chat is against the game rules To send a Private Message (PM) Open the chat window as normal by pressing 'Y'. then type '/pm' (don't input the inverted commas) Then press 'space' and enter the ID code of the player you wish to PM. (The ID code is shown as the number above the players truck or the number on the left in the Tab Menu.) Then press space again and type your message. To send press 'Enter' If you did this process wrong then a red message is displayed. All Personal messages are in white. Example of a personal message: /pm 1234 I learnt how to do this on TruckersMP Forum Please remember that all chat messages must follow the rules set forward by the moderators, swearing at and insulting players is not tolerated, at any degree, and is a banable offence. Taking from the rules: Profanity - Kick / Ban Swearing or using any words that may be deemed inappropriate or anything similar. Insulting Users / Insulting Administration - Temporary / Permanent Ban Swearing or using any words that may be deemed inappropriate towards other users or administration or anything similar. -------------------------------------------------------------Ending------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hope this helps all new users to get on their way towards integrating into the Multiplayer community much quicker and easier. If you have any questions or require further help, please contact me and we will see if we can get the issue resolved. Thank you, Miles For a full list of rules follow this link: http://truckersmp.com/en_US/rules
  14. The lamp is on the radio located on the driver's seat. Sometimes I hear the voice of another driver speaking on the radio. But I can not say. Is not the default function key an X key? How do I know if it works? What if I want to change the function keys to work? Also I am a truck driver. But I want to play escort vehicle. What should I do? Of course, I bought a non-truck from a dealership shop and installed an orange warning light. The escort vehicle normally moves like a truck. In chat, there are drivers who sometimes look for escort vehicles. Can I volunteer then? But by any chance I have seen a site with a list of escort car drivers. There was a time, location, language, etc. of the escort vehicle player. How do I register there?
  15. CargoFM - Looking For Presenters! Hey! Have you ever wanted to DJ for the simulation community, but have never had a chance to express yourself #Live on air? Do you want to be apart of something new and exciting? Well you've reached the right post! CargoFM is a new radio station that's fully licensed and will be launching on the 21st January, we offer you a chance to grow your skills and even a chance to grow experience in the radio community. We're giving YOU a chance to become a presenter and go live to simulation enthusiasts like yourselves! So, you want to try it out? You might as well, you've got nothing to lose! You can apply via this link Also, don't forget to join our Discord here so you get all the latest updates on recruitment! https://www.CargoFM.co.uk - Coming soon to the simulation community. Delivering Nothing But The #Best In Simulation Music - CargoFM!
  16. Black.Beast.

    CB Radio

    Is there any way to change the CB Radio key? (avoid using the default "x"). And also, is it possible that the CB Radio sounds for another independent sound card?
  17. BashBR

    Web Rádios ao Vivo PT-BR

    1. Entre na pasta Euro Truck Simulator 2 que fica dentro de Documentos 2. Abra o arquivo live_streams.ssi com um editor de texto ex. notepad 3. Apague o conteúdo e cole o código abaixo, salve e pronto! Caso preferir o arquivo está em anexo no post! SiiNunit { live_stream_def : _nameless.1b3.497a.9b10 { stream_data: 29 stream_data[0]: "|Mundial Music Brasil|Pop|BR|128|1" stream_data[1]: "http://streaming.bestradiobrasil.com:443/1/;.m3u|Best Radio Brasil|Pop|BR|128|1" stream_data[2]: "|Radio Astro Pop FM|Pop|BR|96|1" stream_data[3]: "|Radio 80 FM|80s|BR|128|1" stream_data[4]: "http://servidor30.brlogic.com:8128/live|89 FM - A Radio Rock|Rock|BR|128|1" stream_data[5]: "http://radiofreedom.com.br:8080/aovivo.mp3/;.m3u|Radio Freedom Brasilia|Pop|BR|128|1" stream_data[6]: "http://live.hunterfm.com/live|Hunter FM|Eletronica|BR|128|1" stream_data[7]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br:80/98fm.mp3|98 FM Curitiba|Pop|BR|128|1" stream_data[8]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/conquista.mp3|Conquista FM|Sertaneja|BR|96|1" stream_data[9]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/cultura.mp3|Mundo Livre FM Maringa|Rock|BR|128|1" stream_data[10]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/diario.mp3|Diario FM|Diversos|BR|96|1" stream_data[11]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/dumont.mp3|Dumont FM - 104.3|Pop|BR|96|1" stream_data[12]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/emiliano56k.mp3|Radio Emiliano|Jazz|BR|56|1" stream_data[13]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br:80/fmdiario.mp3|FM Diario|Sertanejo|BR|96|1" stream_data[14]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/mega.mp3|Mega FM|Diversos|BR|96|1" stream_data[15]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br:80/mundolivre.mp3|Mundo Livre FM Curitiba|Rock|BR|192|1" stream_data[16]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br:80/raizes.mp3|Raizes FM|Pop|BR|64|1" stream_data[17]: "http://servidor28.brlogic.com:8336/live|Cana da Galileia|Gospel|BR|32|1" stream_data[18]: "http://centova.nardele.com.br:4343/stream|Gospel Campinas|Gospel|BR|128|1" stream_data[19]: "http://ice11.crossradio.com.br:8206/live.mp3|Transamerica|Diversos|BR|64|1" stream_data[20]: "http://s02.w3bserver.com:9934/;|Brasil Hits|Diversos|BR|64|1" stream_data[21]: "http://s23.hstbr.net:8072/live|Radio Beat 98|Diversos|BR|96|1" stream_data[22]: "|Radio Atlanta|Sertaneja|BR|96|1" stream_data[23]: "http://a1rj.streams.com.br:7801/sm|Antena 1|Diversos|BR|64|1" stream_data[24]: "http://stm38.srvstm.com:31010/;|Radio Melodia Campinas|Gospel|BR|64|1" stream_data[25]: "http://flow.emm.usp.br:8007/radiousp-128.mp3|USP FM|Diversos|BR|128|1" stream_data[26]: "|Radio Sagres|Diversos|BR|64|1" stream_data[27]: "http://sh1.upx.com.br:8098/;|Radio Globo Salvador|Diversos|BR|128|1" stream_data[28]: "http://sh2.upx.com.br:8096/;|Radio Bahia FM|Diversos|BR|128|1" } } live_streams.sii
  18. [GROFR] Goiano [GO]

    Rádio OFR - Programação 24 Horas

    Ola pessoal, Convidamos todos vocês a conhecer, a Rádio OFR. Exclusiva para o publico de Euro Truck Simulator 2 , American Truck. Com uma programação variada e muitas informações do mundo da música. Djs e programações ao vivo. Djs; Dj Tuwyster DJ DropTheHouse DJ ALEXSANDRO Participe das nossas promoções e concorra a prêmios. Ouça em nossa radio; * Sertanejo * Pop Nacional * Pop Internacional * Hip Hop * Flash Back Entre outros ritmos que agitam o mundo da musica. Você pode baixar agora mesmo o arquivo live_streams , e substituir o que já existe na sua pasta euro truck simulator 2 ou american truck simulator. * Acesse o link para baixar live_streams RADIO OFR: https://mega.nz/#!zwtFEKaK!5vazrqnGImYJwlwFDIAP1DXLJgqiATSnqNHYIL_09z4 Peça sua música através do nosso site em pedidos ou atraves do nosso grupo no whatsapp. * Acesse o link para pedido de musicas através do whats: https://chat.whatsapp.com/AuSnRjrDqFk23HN5mVns6b Acesse : http://www.radioofr.com.br/ e ouça nossa programação 24 horas por dia. Voce que tem grupo ou empresas virtuais no jogos Euro Truck 2 e American Truck. A Radio OFR esta abrindo espaço para voce divulgar seu grupo ou empresa gratis. Basta voce nos enviar um banner com as seguintes informações; Nome do grupo ou empresa / site ou canal de voz. Envie para o email - [email protected] com a seguinte palavra #querodivulgar No prazo de ate 24h seu banner seu atualizado no slide da radio. Agradecemos o apoio e a atenção de todos (a) vocês! #RadioOFR Radio OFR. http://www.radioofr.com.br/
  19. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH


    Suggestion Name: Radio Area on Forum live! Suggestion Description: This suggestion is for the people who's online and wanted to chill out here on forum. You can listen to the live radio which is operated by bot. And if possibly added, the area can be added on Others. Any example: ** Check example below, just like Discord. Why should it be added?: It's important to have a happy community. Nowadays here on our forum there are lot of great people! This extends the peaceful and orderly of the community! Credit (Google Photos) Regards, Nuel Usher
  20. What is your favorite radio station to listen to while playing ATS? Hello Truckers! I was wondering what you guys like listening to while playing American Truck Simulator! Do you listen to an online radio station? Do you listen to spotify? Do you listen to music you added into the game? Or do you simply listen to the sound of your engine? Personally, I either listen to SimulatorRadio, or my Spotify. (FYI I always listened to SimulatorRadio, even before I became a DJ) Please let me and the community know! I for one am interested in what you prefer to listen to while playing! Best Regards, DJ Zephyr
  21. TheFatDrummer

    Spotify instead of in-game radio

    Is there any way I can use Spotify (control songs, volume etc) instead of the in-game radio?
  22. Capitalwaveradio

    New radio station opening Saturday

    Welcome to Capitalwaveradio We are a new radio station that is opening This Saturday. This radio station is just not for gaming its for Going out on a bike ride, sitting in your car and more why not join Capitalwaveradio (CWR) ON SATURDAY!!! You think you got what it takes to be a radio presenter? apply today at capitalwaveradio.com/apply Website: https://capitalwaveradio.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/2jwqGgt the station that's live 24/7
  23. Hi everyone,I thought TruckersMP players can get use of this. What is RadioTrucker? RADIOTRUCKER is a multi-language Radio Station Listing site that is specially made for ETS2 and ATS. It is not a radio station. You can basically create your own playlists from various added stations (which default in-game ones already there) to your own customized playlists, while you can listen radios online from site, you can also set your favorites and export it as "live_streams.sii" file with correct character encoding. Design is made to as draft resemblance to World of Trucks so that you can easily get used to. You can register manually or Facebook / Google account integration. After you pick your nickname, you can start browsing through various country and genre based radios, explore them and add them to your list directly as you browse. Once you make your playlist to your liking, you can get to your playlist , review it, add/remove stations again, even add to favorites for in-game priority THEN export as zip file that contains "live_streams.sii" file which you can place into "Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2" or Documents\American Truck Simulator folder directly. You can also share your own playlists with your friends, so that they can also have your radio station list. But why? To be honest, I'm a radio fan and constant radio stream changes and meeting with radios that does not match the game, it got me idea, so especially it is a tool that I wanted for myself first, Also from non-English communities, I've met the demand from virtual truckers that adding streams are not that easy for them when not familiar with DEF files, Also SCS have more important work to do than constantly updating their radio stations. This site gives power to users. Users can add their own radio stations if they know stream URL's that are audio/mpeg (also site makes sure it works in game) , you can also check radio stations if they are working or not from website. Also if there is a faulty stream, easily can be reported so that I can change them directly. Even stream changes it would not be noticable to your already made stations. So, I still think radiotrucker.com is in beta state and will grow and improve as users browse and joins Web site: https://radiotrucker.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/radiotrucker/
  24. Hallo Nederlandse TruckersMP gebruikers, In deze gids leg ik je uit hoe je de CB Radio gebruikt. Het is eigenlijk heel makkelijk, maar mensen die niet bekend zijn met deze modificatie hebben soms geen idee hoe ze de radio moeten gebruiken, daarom deze gids. Stap 1: Open het [TAB] menu (door - je raadt het al - op TAB te drukken), en klik eenmalig met je rechtermuisknop om een muis te laten verschijnen. Stap 2: Je kunt het kanaal veranderen door de rechter draaiknop te gebruiken. Wanneer je rechts op de knop drukt, gaat het kanaal één omhoog (vb: van 19 naar 20), en wanneer je links op de knop drukt, gaat hij één kanaal omlaag (vb: van 20 naar 19). Stap 3: Om te praten, houd [X] op je toetsenbord ingedrukt, en begin dan met praten. Als het goed is, moet er een luidspreker-icoontje verschijnen linksonder in je beeld. Dit betekent dat je microfoon aanstaat en dat anderen je kunnen horen. Om een persoon te muten (je kan hem dan niet meer horen), ga je terug naar het [TAB] menu. Vervolgens klik je op de naam van de speler, en klik dan op de mute knop (het icoontje dat linksonder in het TAB menu staat, als er een rode streep door het icoon staat, is de player gemute, staat er geen rode streep doorheen, dan kan je hem alsnog horen). Om de radio uit te zetten, klik je op de meest linker knop onderin het radio-paneel. Video uitleg (deze is weliswaar in het Engels, maar kan een goed alternatief van deze gids zijn): Onthoudt wel dat de algemene spelregels ook op de CB Radio gelden, en je dus niet mag schelden of aanstootgevende content mag gebruiken. Als je ziet dat een ander wel de regels breekt, maak dan een report aan: http://truckersmp.com/reports Guide has been translated by Frosty. from English to Dutch, the original English guide has been made by El1teZombiezHD.
  25. Exonic

    Nederlandse radios.

    Ik heb gemerkt dat de Nederlandse radios op TruckersMP stuk zijn. Na een aantal uur te kloten kwam ik op een oplossing die ik met jullie wil delen. Dit bestand is alles wat je nodig hebt (ik heb het bestand ook in de bijlage staan): https://www.sendspace.com/file/xovt53 Plak en vervang dit bestand in deze folder: %userprofile%\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Hier nog een GIF met de stappen die je maakt: Ik sta altijd open voor het toevoegen van radios die jij tijdens het rijden wilt luisteren. Daarbij heb ik een streaming URL in MP3 formaat nodig, Hier zijn een paar voorbeelden: http://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/api/livestream-redirect/RADIO538.mp3 https://radio.truckers.fm/ http://sc2.dubplate.fm:5000/Electro/192|Dubplate.fm Bijlage live_streams.sii