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Found 56 results

  1. PetyaGoblin

    Radio Stream URL's

    Being able to play radio stations in ETS and ATS gives a great atmosphere to the game. Well here you go a great amount of URL's to radio streams. Community Radios Rock Radios Mixed Radio Charts/Hits Radios House/EDM Radios MashUp/Remixes Radios ChipsTunes Radios Talk/News Radios Country Radio Blues Radios Jazz Radios Classical Radio Metal Radios I would also recommend using ETS Radio Manager to add these radio stations to your live_streams.sii file - Credits - @Tricky Cletus - Helped with gathering of Stream URL's
  2. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH


    Suggestion Name: Radio Area on Forum live! Suggestion Description: This suggestion is for the people who's online and wanted to chill out here on forum. You can listen to the live radio which is operated by bot. And if possibly added, the area can be added on Others. Any example: ** Check example below, just like Discord. Why should it be added?: It's important to have a happy community. Nowadays here on our forum there are lot of great people! This extends the peaceful and orderly of the community! Credit (Google Photos) Regards, Nuel Usher
  3. What is your favorite radio station to listen to while playing ATS? Hello Truckers! I was wondering what you guys like listening to while playing American Truck Simulator! Do you listen to an online radio station? Do you listen to spotify? Do you listen to music you added into the game? Or do you simply listen to the sound of your engine? Personally, I either listen to SimulatorRadio, or my Spotify. (FYI I always listened to SimulatorRadio, even before I became a DJ) Please let me and the community know! I for one am interested in what you prefer to listen to while playing! Best Regards, DJ Zephyr
  4. [GROFR] Goiano [GO]

    Rádio OFR ( ETS2 & ATS )

    Ola pessoal, Convidamos todos vocês a conhece, Rádio OFR . Exclusiva para Ets2 e Ats. Com uma programação variada e muita informação do mundo da musica, logico sem deixar de lado as informações de ets2 e ats. Participe das nossas promoções e concorra a prêmios. >>> Link : http://www.radioofr.com.br/ <<< *Sertanejo *Pop Nacional *Pop Internacional *Hip Hop *House *Flash Back Entre outros ritmos que agita o mundo da musica. Você pode baixar agora mesmo nosso arquivo da radio ofr para colocar na sua pasta de musica no jogos ets2 & ats. *Acesse o link para Baixar : https://mega.nz/#F!fkMEGYpY!Wt3rziJ0uHV6-Qq7mnU3pQ ( Coloque o arquivo dentro da pasta musica do jogo, e pronto e só curti nossa programação ) Peça sua musica através do nosso grupo do whatsapp exclusivo para pedidos , que toda sexta a partir das 22h , iremos toca seu som. *Acesse o link para pedido de musicas através do whats: https://chat.whatsapp.com/AEdyJKNalfYBfiqE7Qtm32 Agradecemos o apoio e atenção de todos(a) vocês! #RadioOFR GROFR - Grupo Rádio Os Feras da Rodagem. "Juntos fazemos historia"
  5. Blu Wolf

    CB Antenna

    Suggestion Name: CB Antenna Suggestion Description: CB antenna so that can be added on top of the roof of a Car or Truck. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think it should be added so it will look a bit cooler and also to make it more realistic.
  6. Speedy_TMP

    CB Radio Buttons

    Suggestion Name: CB Radio Suggestion Description: Adding a function to use on steering wheel or controller. Why should it be added?: I think it would be alot easier to have the CB button closer to hand when using a steering wheel or controller, as it means taking your hand of your wheel to try and then find the x button on your keyboard, probably giving less chance of crashing or not paying attention to whats in front of you.
  7. Hi everyone,I thought TruckersMP players can get use of this. What is RadioTrucker? RADIOTRUCKER is a multi-language Radio Station Listing site that is specially made for ETS2 and ATS. It is not a radio station. You can basically create your own playlists from various added stations (which default in-game ones already there) to your own customized playlists, while you can listen radios online from site, you can also set your favorites and export it as "live_streams.sii" file with correct character encoding. Design is made to as draft resemblance to World of Trucks so that you can easily get used to. You can register manually or Facebook / Google account integration. After you pick your nickname, you can start browsing through various country and genre based radios, explore them and add them to your list directly as you browse. Once you make your playlist to your liking, you can get to your playlist , review it, add/remove stations again, even add to favorites for in-game priority THEN export as zip file that contains "live_streams.sii" file which you can place into "Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2" or Documents\American Truck Simulator folder directly. You can also share your own playlists with your friends, so that they can also have your radio station list. But why? To be honest, I'm a radio fan and constant radio stream changes and meeting with radios that does not match the game, it got me idea, so especially it is a tool that I wanted for myself first, Also from non-English communities, I've met the demand from virtual truckers that adding streams are not that easy for them when not familiar with DEF files, Also SCS have more important work to do than constantly updating their radio stations. This site gives power to users. Users can add their own radio stations if they know stream URL's that are audio/mpeg (also site makes sure it works in game) , you can also check radio stations if they are working or not from website. Also if there is a faulty stream, easily can be reported so that I can change them directly. Even stream changes it would not be noticable to your already made stations. So, I still think radiotrucker.com is in beta state and will grow and improve as users browse and joins Web site: https://radiotrucker.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/radiotrucker/
  8. BashBR

    Web Rádios ao Vivo PT-BR

    1. Entre na pasta Euro Truck Simulator 2 que fica dentro de Documentos 2. Abra o arquivo live_streams.ssi com um editor de texto ex. notepad 3. Apague o conteúdo e cole o código abaixo, salve e pronto! Caso preferir o arquivo está em anexo no post! SiiNunit { live_stream_def : _nameless.1b3.497a.9b10 { stream_data: 29 stream_data[0]: "|Mundial Music Brasil|Pop|BR|128|1" stream_data[1]: "http://streaming.bestradiobrasil.com:443/1/;.m3u|Best Radio Brasil|Pop|BR|128|1" stream_data[2]: "|Radio Astro Pop FM|Pop|BR|96|1" stream_data[3]: "|Radio 80 FM|80s|BR|128|1" stream_data[4]: "http://servidor30.brlogic.com:8128/live|89 FM - A Radio Rock|Rock|BR|128|1" stream_data[5]: "http://radiofreedom.com.br:8080/aovivo.mp3/;.m3u|Radio Freedom Brasilia|Pop|BR|128|1" stream_data[6]: "http://live.hunterfm.com/live|Hunter FM|Eletronica|BR|128|1" stream_data[7]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br:80/98fm.mp3|98 FM Curitiba|Pop|BR|128|1" stream_data[8]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/conquista.mp3|Conquista FM|Sertaneja|BR|96|1" stream_data[9]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/cultura.mp3|Mundo Livre FM Maringa|Rock|BR|128|1" stream_data[10]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/diario.mp3|Diario FM|Diversos|BR|96|1" stream_data[11]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/dumont.mp3|Dumont FM - 104.3|Pop|BR|96|1" stream_data[12]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/emiliano56k.mp3|Radio Emiliano|Jazz|BR|56|1" stream_data[13]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br:80/fmdiario.mp3|FM Diario|Sertanejo|BR|96|1" stream_data[14]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br/mega.mp3|Mega FM|Diversos|BR|96|1" stream_data[15]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br:80/mundolivre.mp3|Mundo Livre FM Curitiba|Rock|BR|192|1" stream_data[16]: "http://107-182-231-168.webnow.net.br:80/raizes.mp3|Raizes FM|Pop|BR|64|1" stream_data[17]: "http://servidor28.brlogic.com:8336/live|Cana da Galileia|Gospel|BR|32|1" stream_data[18]: "http://centova.nardele.com.br:4343/stream|Gospel Campinas|Gospel|BR|128|1" stream_data[19]: "http://ice11.crossradio.com.br:8206/live.mp3|Transamerica|Diversos|BR|64|1" stream_data[20]: "http://s02.w3bserver.com:9934/;|Brasil Hits|Diversos|BR|64|1" stream_data[21]: "http://s23.hstbr.net:8072/live|Radio Beat 98|Diversos|BR|96|1" stream_data[22]: "|Radio Atlanta|Sertaneja|BR|96|1" stream_data[23]: "http://a1rj.streams.com.br:7801/sm|Antena 1|Diversos|BR|64|1" stream_data[24]: "http://stm38.srvstm.com:31010/;|Radio Melodia Campinas|Gospel|BR|64|1" stream_data[25]: "http://flow.emm.usp.br:8007/radiousp-128.mp3|USP FM|Diversos|BR|128|1" stream_data[26]: "|Radio Sagres|Diversos|BR|64|1" stream_data[27]: "http://sh1.upx.com.br:8098/;|Radio Globo Salvador|Diversos|BR|128|1" stream_data[28]: "http://sh2.upx.com.br:8096/;|Radio Bahia FM|Diversos|BR|128|1" } } live_streams.sii
  9. TheFatDrummer

    Spotify instead of in-game radio

    Is there any way I can use Spotify (control songs, volume etc) instead of the in-game radio?
  10. Capitalwaveradio

    New radio station opening Saturday

    Welcome to Capitalwaveradio We are a new radio station that is opening This Saturday. This radio station is just not for gaming its for Going out on a bike ride, sitting in your car and more why not join Capitalwaveradio (CWR) ON SATURDAY!!! You think you got what it takes to be a radio presenter? apply today at capitalwaveradio.com/apply Website: https://capitalwaveradio.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/2jwqGgt the station that's live 24/7
  11. Hallo Nederlandse TruckersMP gebruikers, In deze gids leg ik je uit hoe je de CB Radio gebruikt. Het is eigenlijk heel makkelijk, maar mensen die niet bekend zijn met deze modificatie hebben soms geen idee hoe ze de radio moeten gebruiken, daarom deze gids. Stap 1: Open het [TAB] menu (door - je raadt het al - op TAB te drukken), en klik eenmalig met je rechtermuisknop om een muis te laten verschijnen. Stap 2: Je kunt het kanaal veranderen door de rechter draaiknop te gebruiken. Wanneer je rechts op de knop drukt, gaat het kanaal één omhoog (vb: van 19 naar 20), en wanneer je links op de knop drukt, gaat hij één kanaal omlaag (vb: van 20 naar 19). Stap 3: Om te praten, houd [X] op je toetsenbord ingedrukt, en begin dan met praten. Als het goed is, moet er een luidspreker-icoontje verschijnen linksonder in je beeld. Dit betekent dat je microfoon aanstaat en dat anderen je kunnen horen. Om een persoon te muten (je kan hem dan niet meer horen), ga je terug naar het [TAB] menu. Vervolgens klik je op de naam van de speler, en klik dan op de mute knop (het icoontje dat linksonder in het TAB menu staat, als er een rode streep door het icoon staat, is de player gemute, staat er geen rode streep doorheen, dan kan je hem alsnog horen). Om de radio uit te zetten, klik je op de meest linker knop onderin het radio-paneel. Video uitleg (deze is weliswaar in het Engels, maar kan een goed alternatief van deze gids zijn): Onthoudt wel dat de algemene spelregels ook op de CB Radio gelden, en je dus niet mag schelden of aanstootgevende content mag gebruiken. Als je ziet dat een ander wel de regels breekt, maak dan een report aan: http://truckersmp.com/reports TruckersMP Game Moderation Guide has been translated by Frosty. from English to Dutch, the original English guide has been made by El1teZombiezHD.
  12. Exonic

    Nederlandse radios.

    Ik heb gemerkt dat de Nederlandse radios op TruckersMP stuk zijn. Na een aantal uur te kloten kwam ik op een oplossing die ik met jullie wil delen. Dit bestand is alles wat je nodig hebt (ik heb het bestand ook in de bijlage staan): https://www.sendspace.com/file/xovt53 Plak en vervang dit bestand in deze folder: %userprofile%\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Hier nog een GIF met de stappen die je maakt: Ik sta altijd open voor het toevoegen van radios die jij tijdens het rijden wilt luisteren. Daarbij heb ik een streaming URL in MP3 formaat nodig, Hier zijn een paar voorbeelden: http://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/api/livestream-redirect/RADIO538.mp3 https://radio.truckers.fm/ http://sc2.dubplate.fm:5000/Electro/192|Dubplate.fm Bijlage live_streams.sii
  13. [VIVΛ] NieltUK


    Does anyone know what is this radio panel in the upper right corner, whether it is plugin or something of the genre? Whoever knows and can help me put it, I am very grateful.
  14. Felipehonorato1


    YOUTUBE CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/c/BrazilTruckClubBTC Acesse, não deixe de se inscrever e se tiver algum interesse em se tonar membro da empresa nos procure no : Teamspeak 3 : BTC.TS3GAMER.COM Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BrazilTruckClub
  15. Evet yine biz. Peki biz kimiz? 2 Ocak 2016’da yayın hayatına Turk Truck FM İsmiyle başlayan Türk Truck Radio, simülasyon radyoculuğunun ilk temsilcilerindendir. Çeşitli nedenlerden dolayı yayın hayatına birkaç kez ara vermek zorunda kalsa da Ekim'de tekrar dinleyicisiyle buluşmuş ve bu yayın döneminde çeşitli ve alanında öncü program yelpazesiyle daha büyük kitlelere ulaşma gayesindedir. Programlarımızı ve DJ’lerimizi websitemizden görebilirsiniz. Nasıl Dinleyebiliriz? www.turktruckradio.com adresinden 7/24 dinlemeniz mümkün. Oyunda dinlemek için gerekli link sitemizde yer alıyor. Sizin Farkınız Ne? Bizim farkımız, klasik radyoların aksine işine önem verip, gerçekten insanlara bir şeyler katmayı amaçlamasıdır. Örneğin geçen kış Turk Trucker ismiyle bilinen Fatih Yıldırım ile birkaç bölüm ve Nazım Zeki Uysal ile bir bölümlük röportaj yaptık. Bunların tekrarlarını her cumartesi 20:30 ile 21:30 arasında dinleyebilirsiniz. Ayrıca aylık yenilenen ve 300’ün üzerinde şarkı barındıran Otomatik DJ arşivimiz ile dinlediğiniz şarkıyı bir daha dinlemiyorsunuz. Bu da sizi sıkmıyor. Bizi dinleyen ve bizi önemseyen herkese çok teşekkürler! Neredeyse iki yılı bulacak tecrübemizle size en iyi hizmeti vermeye çalışıyoruz. www.turktruckradio.com Hepinize iyi günler…
  16. ArranOnRadio

    StreamFM - A new beginning

    The dictators of StreamFM have commissioned me to deliver this message; Hello truckers, how are you today? What radio station do you currently listen to? (If any) Are you a big fan of dance music, house music or rock music? Then maybe you should come and check out StreamFM. We are a station that provides an alternative experience to our listeners and we truly care about what our audience says. We are also a fully UK licensed station with a wonderful staff team. This consists of Michael Cox who has many years of experience in the radio industry, Kenway who has just recently got into the radio scene (who has also thrown himself into the deep end) and Drew who has also recently joined the radio scene. Then, lastly, there is me. I am the king of Wales and server guy. I make sure that all the servers are working or I am breaking something. I also regularly check on the sheep in my back garden. So, why not join our community today? http://discord.streamfm.eu Or add me on Discord: PresenterArran#0001 The station that knocks your socks off. ---- Admin, please edit or delete this message as needed if not appropriate.
  17. Alex-Game (ITA)

    Web Radio ICG

    Ed eccoci con un'altra novità della ICG, la Web Radio !!! Qui: https://icgwebradio.wixsite.com/home :)
  18. Belgu94

    Kanal CB RADIO?

    Siema wszystkim to jak z tym kanałem cb radio na jakim polska siedzi aktualnie ? bo 19 to wszyscy tam siedzą a polski kanał cb radio by się przydał czasem odezwać się ostrzec ewentualnie także jak btw teraz jest z tym kanałem ? ...
  19. Whiteeek

    CB Radio Bug

    Witam, mam grę ETS 2 od sierpnia tego roku i od tego czasu mam problem z CB radio, mogę z niego korzystać prawidłowo lecz po dwóch minutach rozmowy na CB radio nagle nie mogę rozmawiać i nie pokazuje się ikonka mikrofonu a dodatkowo nie mogę pisać na czacie i muszę reset gry robić. Robiłem format komputera itd i nadal to samo. Tak mam aktualne sterowniki. Będę wdzięczny za pomoc ponieważ już ten problem mnie denerwuje, chce sobie porozmawiać z ludźmi i rozmawiam a po paru minutach nie mogę rozmawiać ani pisać na czacie a tych ludzi nadal słyszę.
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SimülasyonFM, 18.09.2017 Tarihinde Hasan Abatay tarafından kurulmuştur. Amacımız siz değerli dinleyicileri oyun oynarken daha fazla eğlendirmektir. SimülasyonFM yayınlarında Spor Haberleri, Çekilişler, Soru&Cevap ve daha birçok program ile sizlere hizmet edip eğlendirmeye çalışıcaz... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1- 18 Yaş ve üzeri 2- TeamSpeak 3 Olmalı 3- Haftada 2 Gün yayın yapabilicek 1- Ad ve Soyad: 2- Yaş: 3- Yayın yapabileceğiniz günler: 4- Yayın Saat Aralığı: Not ; DJ Alımları Vardır. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not ; Yayın saatleri değişiklik gösterebilir. Not ; Oyunda dinlemek için indirme linki sitemizde mevcuttur. Not ; DJ, Reklam ve Sponsorluklar başvuruları için özelden iletişime geçiniz. Not ; Yayın gün ve saatleri sitede yazmaktadır. Yayın olmadığı zamanlarda OtoDJ çalıcaktır. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-posta ; [email protected] Web Sitesi ; https://www.simulasyonfm.com/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. Hello TruckersMP. I am here today to present to you an online radio station that I happen to own, UpBeat. UpBeat is a "universal" online radio station aimed towards the teenage+ audience. We have been open for well over a year; to be exact, the 21st of December will be our 20th month of operation. Ever since we first opened, our main goal has always been to provide non-stop entertainment around the clock for you to sit back and enjoy, or in this case, drive to. So far, we've done quite alright at keeping to such an ambitious objective. We're now reaching audiences of 1,100+ per day! Of-course none of this would have been possible without our current and previous members of UpBeat staff, some truly talented people. Personally, (and I may be a bit biased) I think that the UpBeat community is absolutely amazing, but currently a large proportion of our users are from one place... That's why we're aiming to get the word around a little more and potentially expand even further. You can get involved with UpBeat in a variety of ways! - Tune in to the fantastic radio entertainment we have to offer. - Take a read of our daily news articles. - Join the discussion on the UpBeat Forums. And of-course, if you're interested in joining UpBeat - you can take a look at our open job applications. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you around! - Jack & The UpBeat Team UpBeatRadio.net
  22. Witam, otóż zrobiłem plik z 59 stacjami radiowymi, ponieważ Eska oraz VOX.FM popadały. To dodałem tylko te działające, sprawdzone u mnie na PC. :). Plik wgrywamy do Dokumenty/Euro Truck Simulator 2 , wyskoczy nam monit czy podmienić plik klikamy Tak. Nie radzę używać w grze, aktualizacji stacji, ponieważ usunie te aktualne dodane przeze mnie ;). Download: live_streams.sii
  23. [GROFR] Goiano [GO]

    Radio OFR - Exclusiva para ETS2 & ATS

    Ola pessoal , Estamos aqui para compartilhar com vocês nossa radio online exclusiva para ( Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck ). Muita musica boa , conteudo sobre ets2,ats e logico Djs ao vivo ao longo da programação. Ouça agora em : http://radioofr.com.br Voce também pode fazer seu pedido musical que toda sexta as 22h , tocamos sua musica preferida. Acesse nossa site na aba PEDIDOS. Baixar o arquivo da radio ofr para seu ETS2 ou ATS , basta fazer o download e colocar o arquivo na pasta music do jogo. https://mega.nz/#!D5ETSBhZ!B4HhbbL2CaIKA2Uww74YOifeGpi_i_uX88TeMtD85d4 Temos as informações dos nosso comboios abertos ao publico em nossa radio , Comboio da madrugada toda sexta a partir das 23h / Encontro de caminhões todo domingo a partir das 13:30h. Siga-nos no Instagram : radioofr Esperamos você !
  24. BH LOG// peu  [BR-MG]

    radio px nao esta funcionando

    rádio px nao esta funcionando, tento ter conversa mais eu nao esculto como pessoas, mais elas me escultao bem: e nem aparece que te alguem falando
  25. Drakon10

    Problem z radiem

    Witam. Mam problem z radiem, a dokładnie z radiem Eska. Wczoraj wszedłem na ETS2, chciałem włączyć radio i jakiś koleś mówi, że radio będzie dostępne tylko na eskago :PP Próbowałem zmieniać w plikach, używałem tego poradnika i nic. Ma ktoś jakiś pomysł? Z góry dziękuje.