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  1. When can we change the key assigned to the CB RADIO?
  2. Why not create a server for ProMods Arcade? It is ridiculous to add more Servers that do not even exceed 50 players, such as US and SGP. The map is large, long highways, etc. Obviously, whoever enters should be clear that it would be treated in an "Arcade" way. It's just a suggestion. Best regards to all.
  3. I tried reinstalling the TruckersMP, but it was not the solution. I was able to run the game with OpenGL. The only drawback is that it does not have the same graphic quality and performance as DirectX 11. Will they release any update with DirectX 11 support?
  4. Never, in any game, did I use Beta versions. I will try what they tell me. But why doesn't TruckersMP work with DirectX 11 for me? What could be the technical explanation? Am I the only person with this problem?
  5. Good morning team. Since the update of ETS2 and TruckersMP to 1.36, the game crashes when I try to open it. It is the same problem I had with DirectX 11 and MP, some months ago. I could never solve it. Now, without DX9 support, it directly crashes me. It only happens to me with TruckersMP. In single player mode, DX11 works wonders for me. I have an FX8350, 16GB RAM, AMD R9 380 Nitro 4GB, Win 7 x64. How can I solve it?
  6. I crash the game when I try to open it. It only works with v9. The problem arises when I run TruckersMP. In single player mode DX11 works perfect for me. Is there some command that I have to execute?
  7. Thanks for the info @MarkON.
  8. Don't rush so much, buddy, I don't live with the computer on.
  9. That's what I needed to know. In short, there is no command in the console to know how to confirm the version that is running the game. Thanks!.
  10. Hello, people. 1 - How can I know which version of DirectX I'm running in the game?, from within the game. Is there any way to see it through the console? 2 - Can I run ETS or ATS with DirecX 11 on TruckersMP? The performance difference is large.
  11. Entiendo todo lo que me dices. Soy Técnico informático, y reconozco que muchos de los Kick son por mi conexión en particular. Pero el punto es, por qué no trabajan en un sistema que por ejemplo luego de un kickeo "Abra una ventana y permita al usuario volver a conectarse a un servidor", en vez de tener que salir del todo. No sería mas cómodo? Una onda al F7 + Enter para ser mas claro.
  12. The audio that is configured as Speaker (in TAB) has to do only with the sound of the radio? Or of the game in general?
  13. En realidad hay un sistema de reconexion, pero a mi parecer funciona como el culo. Deberian trabajar en ello. Es cierto que es frustrante tener que salir del todo y volver a entrar para poder continuar.
  14. Boys, is there any way that when I load the game, the CB radio is off by default?
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