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Found 264 results

  1. Hello Truckers, Suggestion Name: We have to relax your service exit. Suggestion Description: As you know, there are a lot of accidents in places with heavy traffic. Actually, there is no need to be a rule or punishment to get ahead of it, everything starts in the gamer, if we are go properly and respectfully, the accident happens very little. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Admin's can not reach every region at any moment, i suggest that; Everyone bumps into each other because they want to leave immediately. So the player in the service area who is involved in the accident, automatically you are thrown from the game. Thank you. Best regards
  2. Suggestion Name: Change the place of the CB on the Volvo Suggestion Description: Change the place of the CB on the Volvo Any example images: I Image Credit: Vader Why should it be added?: You cannot see what channel you are on because the button to change channel is blocking the number
  3. [DRGE]jellengamesSTAD

    um have problem with mp

    im start my mp give error im can not launch ets
  4. (TTGINH ) JP/gaming

    Thunder Truck sucht dich

    Hallo liebe Trucker, ihr wollt nicht mehr alleine unterwegs sein? Ihr wollt in mit Freuden oder Kollegen die Abende im Multiplayer verbringen? Ihr wollt viel Lachen und zu etwas großem dazugehören? Dann kommt jetzt zur Thunder Truck Germany. Wir sind eine aufsteigende Spedition, welche sich gerne vergrößern möchte. das ansehen im MP ist und bleibt bei uns immer gerne im vordergrund was ein gutes benehmen im MP und TS vorrausetzt da wir dieses nicht beschädigen wollen . Wenn du folgende Eigenschaften mitbringst, steht deiner Einstellung eigentlich nichts mehr im Wege: -16 Jahre Mindestalter -TS3 sowie Headset sollte vorhanden sein ( keine Blechdose ) -Teamfähikgeit sowie freundlicher und Respektvoller Umgang -geistige Reife Nun zu uns, was wir dir bieten: -eine freie LKW-Wahl -freie Wahl der Lackierung(außer beim Convoy) -regelmäßige lustige Abende im Multiplayer, Teamspeak -eine Software, um deine Touren einzutragen und abzurechnen ( Sped V ) -Reallife steht an 1. Stelle -Partnerschaften mit mehreren Speditionen was auch immer zu lustigen Treffen führt Falls du Interesse bekommen hast, ein Teil der kleinen aber feinen Thunder Truck Germany Familie zu werden, denn Bewirb dich einfach im Teamspeak unter (rsc-logistik.de) oder schreibe mir eine Privatnachricht. Mit Freundlichen Grüßen JP ( Ceo der Thunder Truck Germany ) Manu alias F3RO (Personalabteilung der Thunder Truck Germany Markus alias Kaali ( stell. Vertretender Chef der Thunder Truck Germany )
  5. Alaard Nortus

    See throughable in online

    So i have some DLC’s to ETS 2 which makes me able to put on some extra nice mods on my Scania and some extra spicy paintjobs but they are for some reason only visible to myself when i play online. My friends say that they can see right through my hull and that my truck is painted white. Why is that? Can i do anything or is the problems at my friends? I mean i wanna show of my truck instead of being see throughable.
  6. Is additional customization mod legal on MP? i saw some pictures and videos with this on mp but im a bit scared that i could get bann'd. Can you help me?
  7. -MehmetCan_64-


  8. [RLC] TehRamsus_

    Heads Up Display (HUD) Work MP

    Hey truckers! Are you tired of the normal navigator? 1. Go the Binds settings --> And search Quick save --> Set bind, what do you want 2. Go the game and press button, when you just set (Quick save) 3. Attention!!! Do not forgot buy gps to glass. (Customice your truck). 4. Now time to download HUD files. Link: https://sharemods.com/paonbcrpbm9c/extern10.zip.html 5. Search your Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. Windows: Documents --> Euro Truck Simulator 2 and extract to file (extern10). 6. Download SII Decrypt. Link: https://sharemods.com/h6pozzt4ti8h/SII_Decrypt.rar.html It is safe. 7. Search your Quick save --> Euro Truck Simulator 2 --> profiles --> your current profile --> save --> And search quicksave folder. Drop the SII_Decrypt file here 8. Drop game.sii on the SII_Decrypt 9. Now open game.sii and search "gpslight". You maybe see this: 10. Now you delete this command (red bar). Replace at this: "/home/extern10/def/vehicle/truck/scania.s_2016/accessory/drv_plate/gpslight.sisl_tr.sii" 11. Now save file and start game. 12. Load Quick save. Enjoy! You can try at this mod to multiplayer. Please ask, If you have any problems with the mod! -Rasmus
  9. Hi everyone, i have a lot of issues with my game, I can't play in multiplayer for a long time, when I do a quick f7, the game crashe (the game closes) and also when it autosaves it crash as well. I've been trying a lot of solutions; -reinstall the game -reinstall the mp -try the economy_reset -try to delete all my drivers and garages -create a new profiles -change my graphic setting to low -update my gtx drivers -update my windows 10 -uninstall all the mods -verify game cash -turn the game in 64 bits... etc No one of these worked.. I hope that someone can help, I can't play the game for now several months unfortunaterly. Also I send my crash log if it can helps last_crash.log
  10. lil Gilles03

    C-D road

    Hello truckers, Why do so many people use the C-D route? Sometimes there are over 500 people driving on this road and thats really dangerous. You can’t drive this whole road without taking any damage. Why are people still using this road instead of using other routes via the motorways? Service places (ex. in Calais, Lille, Duisburg, Brussels,...) are most of the time filled with trucks and cars. I also noticed that the C-D road is only so busy in the EU 2 server. In other servers there is almost nobody. Does anybody have ideas to convince people to drive in other countries like France or Switzerland instead of doing jobs around Calais and Duisburg? Please leave your suggestions below! Happy trucking, Lil Gilles03
  11. Hi everyone! I have many issues this days, i can't play the mp correctly, when i do a f7 the game crash and i don't know why, ive tried anything (reinstall the game and mp, verify the game cash, new profile, update my drivers...) but nothing is working, so i hope that one of you have a solution for me.
  12. [Ger] Dragilein82

    ATS MP Problem mit Paint Job

    Hallo Trucker MP Team, ich habe ein Problem mit dem Volvo in American Truck MP. Immer wenn ich eine Lackierung aus dem "American Truck Simulator - Classic Stripes Paint Jobs Pack" nehme, werde ich aus dem MP gekickt mit der Aufforderung, mein Paint Job zu wechsel. Nach dem wechsel der Lackierung, kann ich dann wieder ins Spiel ohne gekickt zu werden. Diese Problem ist nur bei dem Volvo, bei den anderen Trucks funktionieren die Lackierungen. MfG Michael
  13. Kust1k__

    double trailers

    I need your help: I bought a garage in Scandinavia to buy a double trailer there. I bought the trailer, happy went back to his garage (in Berlin) have kept the trailer, and how you want to take the burden and there are loads only in Scandinavia. What to do so I can go all over the map with loads? I've seen people drive trailers like that around Germany. Help me please!
  14. Od danas je i Generator na Hrvatskom jeziku. Kompatibilan je sa zadnjom vezijom TMP-a. Link: Generator (u desnom uglu izaberite jezik) Original Post : Ovdje!
  15. Oyuna yeni başlayacaklara ve başlayanlara benim oyunda deneyimlediğim bilgileri sizinle paylaşacağım 1- Öncelikle oyunu yeni alıp ilk defa oynayacak olanlar , çevrimdışı oynayarak belli bir zamanda oyuna alışınca ve MP kurallarını uyacağına hazırsanız kayıt başvurusunda bulunabilirsiniz. 2- MP da 4 server vardır bunlar avrupa da bulunmaktadır ve her server ın kendine ait belirli özellikleri vardır. ( Europe 1 [Simulation] ) : Bu server da hız limit açıktır, skoda arabalar kullanabilir ve çarpma açıktır. ) ( Europe 2 ) : Bu server ise en çok oyuncunun bulunduğu sunucudur. hız limiti kapalı, skoda kullanabilir ve çarpma açıktır. ) ( Europe 3 [No Cars] ) : Bu server no cars dediği gibi skoda arabaları kullanılamaz , hız limiti kapalı ve çarpma açıktır. ) ( Europe 4 [Freeroam] ) : Bu server hız limiti kapalı , skoda arabaları kullanılabilir ve çarpma kapalıdır. ) 3- MP de kaza yaptığınızda takla vb F7 Enter yaparak servise gidebilir ya da oyun en son otomatik kayıttan en son kayıtı yükleyerek yolunuza devam edebilirsiniz. Takla atmadıysanız dorseniz takılı ise y tuşuna basarak açılan sohbet kısmına /fix yazarak hasarınız %0 olur ama dorse hasarını indirmez. /fix komutu bekleme süresi 500 saniye diye hatırlıyorum tekrar kullanılabilmesi için 4- Oyunda diğer oyunculara dikkat edin en çok da skoda süren oyunculara size bilerek çarpa bilir ya da size kaza yaptırabilir ve başka bir oyuncuya çarpıp ban yiyebilirsiniz. 5- Oyunda bilerek troll yaparsanız ve admin tarafından oyundan uzaklaştırma alabilirsiniz ve bunlar sürekli tekrar olursa sınırsız bana dönebilir. Hile kullanırsanız sınırsız ban yersiniz. 6- Benim size önerim sisteminiz iyi ise video kayıt programı öneririm oyunda size bilerek çarpanı ya da haksız ban yediğinizde itiraz edip elinizdeki delil videosunu gönderirsiniz. Benim önerdiğim program obs ( open broadcaster software ) çoğu kişinin bileceği bir program ve türkçe oyun yakala ayarı ile oyunda kayıt alabilirsiniz isterseniz diğer video kayıt programlarını kullanabilirsiniz tercih meselesi. 7 - Oyundayken birisi size bilerek çarptı ve size kaza yaptırdı eğer kayıt açıksa o kişinin isminin yanında yazan sayıyı örnek Dark1Winter (1234) ( /pinfo 1234 ) yazarak o kullanıcının oyun ID bilgilerini elde edersiniz ve böylece onu şikayet edebilirsiniz peki nereden şikayet edeceğim diyorsanız https://truckersmp.com/ adresine gidip giriş yapın ve account reports yazan kısma tıklayın oradan new report yazan kısma tıklayın ilk kısımda ID yazar pinfo sunu aldığınız kişinin rakam olan ıd sini giriniz ismi çıkar orda sonra ise olayın yaşandığı tarihi ve saati seçiniz seçiniz server seçiniz, Reason yazan kısım bu kişiye neden report etmek istediğini sorar ordan çıkan seçeneklerden ramming ( çarpma ) seçiniz sonra language yazan kısımdan dilinizi seçiniz. Please provide all evidence, including /pinfo or similar yazan kısım ise kayıtın linkini atın diyor bu kısımda olayın video kayıttından 30 saniye ya da 1 dakika uzunlukta kayıtı kırpın youtube yükleyin sonra linki ( Please provide all evidence, including /pinfo or similar) yazan kısma yapıştırınız. Admin 1 hafta içinde şikayeti inceleyecek ve kişiyi suçlu bulduğun da oyundan belli bir süre uzaklaştırma banı alacak şikayetin onaylandığını reports kısmında status accepted yazarsa anlarsınız eğer onaylanmazsa declined yazar. 8 - İyi bir sisteminiz var ise kalabalık yerde fps yinede düşer ben 1050ti ekran kartı kullansam bile 150-200 kişinin aynı olduğu yerde 15 fps kadar düştüğünü gördüm. İyi bir sisteminiz yok ise kalabalık yerlere girmeyiniz çünkü sizde gözükmese bile drop olursunuz arkanızdan gelen diğer oyuncular siz birden durmuş gibi gözükür arkadaki size çarpar. Ben 2016 yılın da bu yüzden ban yedim sistemim kötüydü itiraz ettim kaldırıldı 1 günlük bandı ama ban geçmişime işlendi 2015 den beri ilk aldığım cezaydı ondan sonra daha ban yemedim çok saçma gelse bile haksız ban yiyebilirsiniz. 9- Kalabalık trafikte tek şeritli yolda kesik çizgilerde şeritte sollama yapabilirsiniz ama karşıdan başka bir oyuncunun gelmediğini emin olun yoksa siz kafa kafaya çarptığın da siz ban yersiniz. Unutmayınız ki bu oyun yarış simülasyon değil . Hız yapın ama yeri ve zamanı önemlidir. Umarım faydası olmuştur iyi oyunlar.
  16. Hello all. I have such a problem that I do not see anyone on the server, I wanted to play with my friend I can not see anyone, my compatriot saw me, how he rams him without resistance, and I did not see anything and wonder what could be a problem. PS. I reinstalled the game, truckersMP, I started using the admin. I do not know what else I can do to make it work. Please help. PS. those people I see are still, it worked for a moment and suddenly everyone stopped. https://gph.is/2yKabkB this is video my friend
  17. lil Gilles03

    Favorite truck in ETS?

    Hey, check the poll
  18. lil Gilles03

    Germany Rework

    Hello truckers, Maybe you have noticed.. The ETS2 development team are making changes to the map, roads in Northern Germany. They are creating new motorways, new intersections, ... What do you think of it? Let a comment behind! Have a nice day! Lil Gilles03 Ps: if you did not noticed the changes, just drive from Amsterdam to Berlin....
  19. ClanVTClan

    I cant play TruckersMP

    So when I try launching the TruckersMp launcher it just gives me an error message. When i press Ok it does the same thing showing the error box if i press cancel it opens TruckersMp page. Do you know what to do? Because I cant find the solution any were.
  20. Volx GamerYT G.D.A TRANS

    Sobre o Tráfego no MP na atualização 1.32!!

    Olá caminhoneiros, Galera como todos já sabem irá vir uma nova versão do Euro Truck Simulator 2 a 1.32, ah mais esperadas com vários updates, o que vocês acham sobre o Truckers MP trazer nessa nova versão o sistema de tráfego, falem sua opnião e digam sugestões sobre isso até porque galera é uma coisa bem complexa e séria, ao colocar tráfego no MP, claro que vai trazer uma melhor simulação para o jogo mas me digam o que vocês acham sobre isso e quem ainda não está sabendo irei deixar o link do video aqui em baixo:
  21. LagOfMyLife

    ETS 2 MP | Skoda Car's Bug

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: Rain effect bug where the windshield wiper does not interact with the rain (wiping the water drops/rain) How to reproduce: Whenever raining while inside Skoda car, and use the windshield wiper Screenshots / Videos:
  22. MysteriousRover

    game crash after the first delivery

    hello, could tell me someone why the game crash after the first delivery? thank you! i tried to reinstal the game the same, i create a new profile, i choose the starting city, make the first delivery and after i finish it the game crash.
  23. EuroTruckingSolution "Wir bewegen was" - Ihre zuverlässige virtuelle Spedition für nationale- und internationale Transporte, mit Niederlassung in Kassel. Der Name "EuroTruckingSolution" steht für Professionalität in den Bereichen LKW Transport, Kühltransporte, Bahntransporte und Seetransporte zusätzlich Schwertransporte und Gefahrengut. Wir beliefern nicht nur deutschlandweit – auch internationale Transporte gehören zu unserem Portfolio. Die Spedition ist Ihr Partner in Sachen Lkw Transport in Deutschland und Europa und nicht EU Länder. Die Firma wurde gegründet im September 2018, sind also noch im Aufbau. Wir sind eine kleine Lustige Truppe. An erster Stelle geht es um den Spaß bei der Virtuellen Arbeit! Aber es soll alles so realistisch wie möglich sein. Bei guter virtuellen Bezahlung. Real-Life geht natürlich immer vor, keine Frage !!! Jeder ist herzlich Willkommen, geistige Reife wird vorausgesetzt !!! ============================================================================ !!! KEINE VORGABEN, WER DA IST, IST DA *** !!! ============================================================================ Stellenausschreibung : -- Personalleiter -- -- Buchhalter -- -- Disponenten -- -- Fuhrparkleiter -- -- Techniker / Support -- -- Fahrer/innen -- ============================================================================ Anforderung: Spaß und gute Laune, Alter 16+, Teamspeak mit Headset, evtl. Erfahrungen mit Firmenwirtschaftssystemen, Teamfähigkeit, langfristige Motivation, Einhalten von Regeln Was bieten wir: eigene Homepage Link: https://ets-eurotrucking.jimdofree.com/ , eigener Teamspeak Server, nette Kollegen, Firmenwirtschaftssystem (SpedV), Sonderbezahlungen, Prämien, Freie Lkw und Map Wahl im Singleplayer sowohl MP, regelmäßige Konvoifahrten, uvm. ============================================================================ !!! Teamspeak IP auf Anfrage !!! ============================================================================ *** Ausnahme Probefahrer, müssen in 14 Tagen 3 Touren fahren mit anschließender Prüfungsfahrt !!! ============================================================================
  24. Passen_ena_eka_Pelliyan

    Have any Lag Fix for Low end pc ?

    Hello guys I'm playing ets mp with I3 / 4GB Ram / Intel 620. In LOW and HIGH graphics both have 5-9 FPS in Calais . And also same fps both settings . 15 - 30 fps in roads . And too lagging in high population areas and at Night Anyone have any Lag FIX ?? (That case have only in MP no any lag in SP)