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  1. As said before it is an simulator and I think you get the most fun out of it when you try to drive it as economic and safe/real as possible. So a mid range engine and anticipating driving will ensure a econimic fuel usage. Hauling a 6 ton load with 730hp engine has never been fun or realistic if you ask me
  2. North of Italy is nice to drive. Actually all of Italy but then you will need the DLC. Also France is nice to drive. The B roads offcourse. The highway is ok but I like to avoid the toll boots
  3. Nice! I will give this a go. Since I allways feel im pretty good at reversing I will definitely want to try this out Thanks for sharing this with us also!
  4. Because this is an simulator game. And although it has now a multiplayer feature you should try to drive like in real life. That is the definition of a simulator game. If you get banned more often because you run into other trucks.... Maybe something is wrong with your driving style? And I think that the admins actually do a good job banning for that reason. I once got banned because I blocked a road. We were in a traffic jam and people were overtaking so they could push forward and then come back to the right so they skipped the jam but made it worse for us also... My actions were not ok because I am no moderator and I also have to follow the rules. But because its multiplayer and to add another dimension it should be tolerated? Dont think so....
  5. >>Holland International Transport<< Wij zijn een relatief nieuw bedrijf in de trucking wereld en zijn nu op zoek naar enthousiaste chauffeurs om ons team te komen versterken! Na een aantal jaar voor andere werkgevers te hebben gewerkt, hebben wij besloten de handen ineen te slaan en voor onszelf te beginnen. Hier is na wat vallen en opstaan Holland International Transport uit ontstaan. Onze main focus is respect, kwaliteit en plezier. Dit verwachten wij van iedereen ten alle tijden. Zowel op de weg als over de communicatie middelen. Iedereen is bij ons welkom zolang men zich volwassen gedraagt en spreekt. Wij zijn actief zowel in Europa als in Amerika en hebben hierin geen verplichtingen. Tevens organiseren wij regelmatig konvooien of andere activiteiten en heb je altijd de mogelijkheid om een paar collega's op te trommelen om samen te rijden. Daarnaast bieden wij aan iedereen de mogelijkheid jezelf te ontwikkelen en door te groeien binnen het bedrijf en moedigen wij input en ideeën van werknemers aan. Jij bent graag onderweg, levert je vracht op tijd en zonder schade af en voert de kleuren van Holland International met trots! Je bent het visitekaartje van het bedrijf en zo gedraag jij je dan ook. Je werkt goed zelfstandig maar rijdt ook graag samen met collega's. Je denkt mee met het bedrijf en hebt ambitie om door te groeien! Wij vragen van jou: 3 maanden ervaring Geen actieve rijontzegging (ban) Volwassen gedrag Spreekt goed Nederlands Hands-on mentaliteit Meedenkend en ondernemend Bereid tot het gebruik van Trucksbook logger Bereid tot het gebruik van Discord Spreekt dit je aan? Voor meer informatie of om te solliciteren kun je terecht op onze VTC pagina of via Trucksbook. Bedankt voor je tijd en hopelijk tot snel! TruckersMP: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/6906 Trucksbook: https://trucksbook.eu/company/50344 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Holland-International-Transport-108735587288645 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSn03pdClYJExcOtGkZupMw
  6. I had quite a rough year with some real big troubles for the last months... Made much mistakes and failed on a lot of things... But Ive learned much and took drastic changes to do things differently from now on. Ive got some help on some things and thats a good start also. Januari Ill start on the new job so thats a door opener also for me. 2020 is gonna be a year of change for me. Offcourse we started the vtc also last year and were gonna take it hopefully to the top with good and fun people. Better times are coming, but ETS2/ATS will stay for the relaxation moments Everyone, wishing you guys the best wishes, for now and in all oncoming years. Just make the best out of it. Saying ''can't'', isnt an option
  7. Well it is not fast, I agree on that. But on the other hand, why rush the game. If you're rushing that much that dont even have time to cross the city on 60, is it even the right game youre playing? Im not bothered by the speed limit and in some cases I think its even good that its there.
  8. Daf nowadays also only makes trucks Back in the days they made these little daf cars but thats long gone. I forgot to say before also: I kinda like all trucks. Specially the older models. I just dont like the 800 horsepower engines. Yea, I DO like them, for real heavy hauling. But not for hauls from 6 tonnes. Just overpowered. Sadly thats what a lot of people do drive in MP and then start honking or dangerously overtake if I in my 460 horsepower DAF need to pick up speed But in the end of the days, like I said, I tried all trucks and brands. Just give me a Daf or maybe an oldschool Scania or even Renault with not more as 500 horsepower and im good with it Oh btw, my heavy haul truck is the Mercedes New Actros with a 625 horsepower engine
  9. Haha yea, those days are gone. But still sometimes im online quite late and then I tend to move into the more crowded area's, wich are in daytime pretty much just too dangerous to drive around seriously and without damage :D
  10. Well I love to be on the road in real life as well, therefore I love to be cruising around in ets and ats. The laidback gaming and offcourse the community and its events make it even better
  11. Even with the fastest trucks around, there will be allways people who are impatient... Some people dont like if you drive the game the way its meant to and they start horning or worse... Just play it as you want it, if people have no time to stick behind you thats their problem
  12. I like the moderate traffic. Total empty roads get boring but too crowded and the idiots will be flying all around... So I like to drive around in DLC area's in the daytime where are less trollers, and in the nighttime I come to more crowded area's so im not totally alone
  13. For me the alltime favorite is the DAFXF105. Just love the model and I like the clear engine sound wich I miss with some other trucks.
  14. I think that there are a lot of people who drive in multiplayer with the stability of truck and trailer maxed out because of crashing idiots from time to time. I did too for a long time, because it can help keep you on the road in crazy situations. Nowadays I dont care anymore if people have to wait for me to take the turn in the correct speed for my truck... People rush the game so much but hey, aint that their problem?
  15. Ok Thanks guys for the great response! I never looked at it this way, but now sure have more patience for the AI traffic to ever come to MP. And indeed, adding it to MP would make a some big catastrofe's indeed sometimes. Thanks for your time and have a good one lads! :)
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