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Found 9 results

  1. Presents Calling all VTC Owners!! is your VTC suffering from 50 Shades of colour when you attend events? Well, Atlas may have solved it for you! Atlas Gaming presents The Virtual Trucking Dealership for your Virtual Trucking Company! We offer FREE truck fleets for your VTC which gives everyone a chance to customise their truck but have the correct colour. This offers simple unity to your VTC! We offer hybrid trucks which can be built to your specs to suit your VTC. Check out our promo video! And order your truck at TODAY!
  2. Hi, guys and gals! Today Atlas Gaming Group presents to you Atlas Logistics. A Virtual Trucking Company that brings you " A Chance To Try Something New..." Let's start with a bit of history. Atlas Logistics started its life as HMFL back in April 2017 and grew incredibly quickly. Within a short time, Atlas Gaming Group was formed and HMFL changed to Atlas Logistics. Since then we complete Bi-Weekly Convoys and attend as many events as we can. We're growing and want you to be part of the expanding community we have. Not only do we play ETS2 but as Atlas Logistics is part of a gaming group where we play other games such as GTA5, FiveM,Assetto Corsa, Minecraft, ARK: SE, Farming Sim 17, RUST and have more games in the works to expand on. So you're not just joining a VTC, You're joining a family, which we want YOU to be part of. Requirements: You must be active in Discord. You must have either 50+ hours on ETS or ATS combined. We expect you to attend at least one event every month. You are 13 or older. You must not in another VTC. If this is sound decent so far then keep reading! Before you do though here's a Promotional video for Atlas Logistics! Still unsure? No worries! You're free to come and spend time with us before you apply... Get hold of us in the following ways! What else are you made of? We are partnered with Viva Trucking to develop and enhance your experience even further! Click the image to find out more Made your mind up? Well, there's only one thing left to do! Welcome to Atlas..... We'll leave you with a few screenshots...
  3. Hi guys wanna ask how i can make like [rec] or other things like them ? regards: BG [2pac]
  4. Hi there, I'm still new to the game, new to the multiplayer mod and kinda new to any modding in general for that matter. I've had read through this forum and other searches but still don't quite understand. The main question I have on my mind is: What exactly is an in game company for multiplayer and what purpose do they serve? From the information I've gathered it sounds like it's a form of serious roleplay that adds a lot more work through the use of third party sites and mods. Also some seem to add some form of benefit like I noticed unique skins being a common thing, are all benefits purely cosmetic? I've never really been much of a roleplayer and interaction is definitely not my forte but I'm curious about this sort of thing after seeing a groups convoy in game which actually looked kinda impressive and fun. Am I also correct in guessing that the wording above a players truck goes something along the lines of: Country Flag, Company or Group name, Their Username and then Their unique numerical ID to the server? Cheers for your time.
  5. Suggestion Name: Liquidation of the prohibition of "Security" tagSuggestion Description: On this thread, I will be talking about my opinion about the prohibition of the Security tag and why it should be removed.Any example images: N/AWhy should it be added?: Having a tag with the word "Security" shouldn't be a problem. Rules exist for the protection of all the drivers and to benefit said people. How is banning the tag "Security" benefitting to anything? There are obvious keywords that are and should be prohibited, including: Police, Admin and Mod. But why Security? There is no reason as to why Security is banned. People could use this keyword to create a tag that isn't harmful in any way. Some examples: "High Security Trucks", "Cargo Security", etc.. Infact, keywords themselves shouldn't even be a bannable offense, but what the tag's full name is. Thanks for reading.
  6. To preface this, I'd like to say that I have been playing ETS2 MP mod for a few months now, without the need for any of these features yet. Thus, I don't know anything about them, including their usage. Question 1 and 2: I've recently noticed that people are using a voice chat in the game itself. After seeking help from a user on the ETS2 MP teamspeak server, I was left a bit confused. I was then told that the voice key is binded to "V". Upon testing this, it didn't seem to work or it did-with little to no indication of such. From this, my question(s) is: How do you know that voice chat is working, and is there a way to rebind the key? Question 3: I've noticed lots of people having clan/group/team tags throughout the ETS2 MP servers. There doesn't appear to be a setting in-game, or in the TruckersMP website to set a clan tag. My question is: How do I set my clan tag in ETS2MP? Those are all my questions, thanks in advance.
  7. Guys what does it mean somebody joins a company? I drive really well i got skill on the game anyone wants to recruit me ?
  8. Suggestion Name: Company tags in Name Suggestion Description: The same principle as it is in CS or other Steam games: If you enter a company, you'll get a company tag added to your name. (Profile should/could be connected with myvtc) (additionally you could do the same with your country flag/abbreviation) Example Pictures: Basic idea: with flags: Why should it be added? Many players are signed in into VTC and therefore are (most of them) in a company. And in the future VTC could be integrated or completely connected to ets2mp
  9. Pawan Transport Group [PTG]

    About us Pawan Transport Group is a worldwide transport group in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Our company is not so big because we have only people that we know for real, so our members are alway active ingame Ingame you can know us with our gametag. [NL] name [PTG] thats easy to make a report when 1 of our drivers driving reckless, or there is something else with them. We are always there to take the best quality out of them. Members Owner [NL] Pawan [PTG] Assistent [NL] Matthijs [PTG] Drivers [NL] Patrick [PTG] [NL] Chris [PTG] [NL] Farhad [PTG] [NL] Johnny [PTG] WE ARE LOOKING FOR MORE DRIVERS! CONTACT US BY MAIL OR FACEBOOK. Contact Website Email [email protected] Facebook Feel free to contact us if you got any questions. And notice that if some drivers of PTG doing something that against the rules is please contact us to ! Kind Regards, Pawan Pawan Transport Group