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Found 9 results

  1. Assim que saiu a atualização da 1.36 do Euro Truck Simulator 2 vimos que tem o seguinte bug ao dar F7: Esse problema foi mandado para a Equipe da TruckersMP e eles já estão cientes do problema e estão em busca de resolver mas galera descobrimos uma solução para você dar F7 sem bugar e esperamos que a equipe da TruckersMP solucione esse probleminha para gente
  2. Hi everyone, i have a lot of issues with my game, I can't play in multiplayer for a long time, when I do a quick f7, the game crashe (the game closes) and also when it autosaves it crash as well. I've been trying a lot of solutions; -reinstall the game -reinstall the mp -try the economy_reset -try to delete all my drivers and garages -create a new profiles -change my graphic setting to low -update my gtx drivers -update my windows 10 -uninstall all the mods -verify game cash -turn the game in 64 bits... etc No one of these worked.. I hope that someone can help, I can't play the game for now several months unfortunaterly. Also I send my crash log if it can helps last_crash.log
  3. Hi everyone! I have many issues this days, i can't play the mp correctly, when i do a f7 the game crash and i don't know why, ive tried anything (reinstall the game and mp, verify the game cash, new profile, update my drivers...) but nothing is working, so i hope that one of you have a solution for me.
  4. Hello, Everytime i dont have loads i need to have a sleep in game or at least f7 but when i cant sleep its says your not tired so i f7 and everytime it refuels my truck can i like disable that or something? And also can i disable the circles other trucks on my navigation ?
  5. Hello Community, I have a bug which makes me crash whenever i f7 to teleport to nearest service station and when i f6 to be rid of my load, please reply with some tips, Cheers.
  6. f7 çektiğimde f6 iş iptal ettiğimde siyah ekran dinlendiğimde saat geçmemesi oyuna girdikten sonra garaja git dediğimde kitlenme gibi sorunlarım var mpde sadece mpde single da böyle sorunlarım yok -garajları sattım -İşçiler Kovuldu -EAH5450 son sürüm sürücüye sahibim(Kart Eski Oldugundan 2015 e kadar güncel) -save en baştan başladım -config dosyası sildim sonuç alamadım bilen bir kişi bana yardım edermi lütfen windows un path yollarını değiştim ve windows dosyaları ile pek çok kez müdahale ettim acaba ets2mp gerekli olan windows10 gereksinim bileşenlerini yazarsanız veya direkt olarak yardım ederseniz çok sevinirim...
  7. Erm hello. I've been playing this mod for at least a week I think and throughout that entire time, my game seemingly kills itself whenever I try to: Ride on a ferry Go on the chunnel Call assistance using F7 Buying vehicles in garages that I have teleported to. As I mean by "kill itself" I mean that the game then shows me the last frame I see before it crashes, whilst looping the last sound I hear. I need serious help here. I'm having to go on singleplayer just to get to England from France. I've had this problem from the beginning of time and I might as well quit ETS2MP at this point. Below is a video of how this crashes and the lines of stuff from the game.log before it died. https://youtu.be/FzRyKp__E_Y sorry for the diabolical video quality, I had to try and find a way to try and document this as quick as I can. BTW, this only happens in MP, it doesn't happen in SP.
  8. Kacp3rrr


    Z kolega mamy problem dusimy F7 i niby przenosi nas do naprawy a robi sie czarny ekran i nic gra sie zacina ale na trybie single nie ma takiego problemu pomocy
  9. SlavaH

    Game Freezing

    Does anyone have any ideas as to this glitch/bug in game in both MP and SP? So my game loads fine, i can drive around as much as i want, But if i F7 or travel between countries by ferry and trains ect, or even try and use the console in SP to quicktravel to a place, My game freezes and i have to restart my pc, ALT+TAB doesnt work or neither does ctrl alt del. Any idead will be much appreciated.
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