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  1. I so want that last one. I wonder how much that cost to make.
  2. I have the same problem hasn't been fixed at all. I've downloaded all updates and tried every single one.
  3. thanks to the new update, my entire savegames are absolutely bollocked keeps sending me back to my HQ.
  4. I'm still having problems with mine atm, but I think its just because of the 6 dlcs I've just binge bought from the sale
  5. Yep that's a free addition. We've yet to find out how to sort out the problem atm though.
  6. Hei! I've come to show my usual ride, which just happens to be j-spec. DAF XF106, 400-something hp engine (well under 500), elemental tyres because I use this truck in wet weather mostly as well as quarries. Also compulsory cup and sandwich in the cabin xD Based the livery off royal mail, mostly.
  7. 1. What is this? 2. Is it official or just some stupid mod? 3. "mode"? The heck? Is this guy trying to advertise his mod for singleplayer, which is incompatible with multiplayer and is quite useless being posted here? Or am I blind? To be honest, it'll draw more beamer drivers >_>
  8. Sorry, just read the thing at the beginning xD I'm as blind as a bat these days.
  9. Hi. I recently tried to do g_force_economy_reset to 1 then to 0 to try and fix a problem I had earlier when I would crash whenever I would quick travel. Of course, the game says "Game Change Detected" whenever I try and load up a save. The problem is, g_force_economy_reset on my main profile is 0 and the "change detected" still happens. This means that all my past saves are quite useless and have as much value as the soil I live on. I can't load any of them without being reverted to my main garage in Calais. Any Help? Otherwise there's not really much point in me playing if I get teleported to Calais every time I boot up my game.
  10. Wait what. Team!? This isn't Rainbow Six Siege, why would you need teams?
  11. " I can play the online of ets2" Tell me, why is this in the suggestion thread? Good to know you can play the online of ets2, good to hear that but I don't think really anybody cares about you being able to play it. We all do. However, they're working on the problem. hold on and sit tight.
  12. This is important. It keeps teleporting me back to berlin, my nearest garage. I try to load my save I did in glasgow, but now it wont budge whatsoever because "game change detected"
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