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  1. I so want that last one. I wonder how much that cost to make.
  2. I am truly amazed with the amount of work put into this. It's just so bloody brilliant (pardon my french). I'm really contemplating joining Viva now.
  3. I have the same problem hasn't been fixed at all. I've downloaded all updates and tried every single one.
  4. thanks to the new update, my entire savegames are absolutely bollocked keeps sending me back to my HQ.
  5. I'm still having problems with mine atm, but I think its just because of the 6 dlcs I've just binge bought from the sale
  6. Yep that's a free addition. We've yet to find out how to sort out the problem atm though.
  7. I haven't had a single lag increase or fps drop even if I see somebody with a ranger with all lights a'blazin
  8. Unlike in real life, In-game high beams do not dazzle people or disorientate them whilst driving. Only in real life do people with high beams get really annoying when they've drive past at an equivalent to a flash-bang. This is a -1 from me.
  9. Alas, all mods except from legal truck modifications via save editing and trailer colours do not work on MP, that and the developers never ever want to use 3rd party mods.
  10. Hei! I've come to show my usual ride, which just happens to be j-spec. DAF XF106, 400-something hp engine (well under 500), elemental tyres because I use this truck in wet weather mostly as well as quarries. Also compulsory cup and sandwich in the cabin xD Based the livery off royal mail, mostly.
  11. I love reading this whilst being on the train.
  12. 1. What is this? 2. Is it official or just some stupid mod? 3. "mode"? The heck? Is this guy trying to advertise his mod for singleplayer, which is incompatible with multiplayer and is quite useless being posted here? Or am I blind? To be honest, it'll draw more beamer drivers >_>
  13. Brands to keep away from: -Iveco Stralis Old Version. Why?=Unappealing interior made from clumps of plastic, limited view, pulling away from traffic lights is horrible -Renault.Why?=The exclusive interior on both of them dont even come included with a in-cab satnav. That and the screens in the truck are barely legible. Other than that, you're fine xD
  14. Thanks you guys. I might consider getting this DLC. It looks beautiful and yes I do agree with you @Sir Kenzo, The C-D road is so overrated, I try and avoid it at all costs to prevent my computer from flipping inside out and bouncing out my window XD.
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