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Found 13 results

  1. Yes guys, We have an issue or good news (both can be) that DOUBLE TRAILERs I think its going to be hard for most drivers. We have lots of reckless drivers with 1 trailer, so what about the second trailer? Are we going to see more crashes? at the corners, turns, while overtaking... We have to be more carefull about that. Long trailers need more patient! Think about Duisburg-Calais road.
  2. Suggestion Name: New double trailer use in restricted zone Suggestion Description: In the old edition, C-D road and some part of the map was not allowed to use double trailer. But in 1.35 has a new double wood trailer and it's allowed use in the restricted zone. I hope the new double trailer still like the old one and not allowed use in restricted zone. Why should it be added?: If the players use the double trailer in C-D road or in a place have many players there, it will be very wretched and will have more crash.
  3. which mod should I use to have a double trailer ( NOT standard double trailers of the game )? I've seen players who have double trailer (with Heavy Cargo Pack DLC) but don't know what mods they use.
  4. Suggestion Name: Allowed to enter a Double trailer restriction zone if player is propperly trained and has permission Suggestion Description: (name is descriptive) Any example images: See attached files. Why should it be added?: I love driving my owned double trailer around the map, but in TMP there is this so called "Double-trailer-restriction-zone" which is settled in central europe. I think this restricion is a great idea don't get me wrong, so trolls can't block roads like DC and cause massive delays and traffic. But I think that you can get permission to drive on these roads when a player is propperly trained and that their account history is also verry clean (no bans for maybe at least a year orso). I think this can be a great thing for people just like me who love to drive near bussy area's. It also gives a player something to work for if they are dedicated enough. Some tests could be for example reversing with a double or carefull maneuvering around objects. This so not all players can get permission to drive these doubles in the bussiest parts of TMP unless they are skilled enough. Maybe some programs could be added so moderators can train people who would like to gain permission to these roads with a double. I hope my explanation is understandable enough.
  5. Suggestion Name: Make double trailer jobs. Suggestion Description: Double trailers are now allowed in Europe outside an area, but to use one in France for exemple, you must buy it in Scandinavia(so you must own the DLC) and then drive towards France... where there are no jobs available. I suggest you to add "parts" of this mod (link) or to make one similar, it allows you to buy a double trailer in Europe, and it add cargoes for it. It also adds double trailers in freight market, but I think that it is not a good idea because everyone would use it... Any example images: --my images are bigger than 500kb-- IMG1 IMG2 Why should it be added?: If it is added, it would help to integrate double trailers in the game! I am French so sorry if my english is bad
  6. Hello, I saw here ( https://truckersmp.com/blog/126 ) that I could drive my double trailer outside Scandinavia. But I don't see any cargo available... and this in the entire map Could you help me? Thanks Gabidorak (I don't have the Scandinavia SLC, and sorry for my bad English I am French)
  7. On friday i was helping a friend to dowload truckersmp launcher when i saw that you can drive with double trailers in europe so i got online and i was in Kiel and when i went to my job market i didn't had any jobs with my double trailer while you can drive in kiel with a double trailer so can anyone explain this? Please dont say where i can't drive, i already know where i can or can't drive so. and this is not for where i can drive this is for the jobs in germany with a double trailer (standing in kiel, Germany)
  8. CUSTOM DOUBLE TRAILER ON ATS From what I read in the rules it seems like having a double trailer made from 2 45ft trailers it's forbidden. I would like to know the reason of that, because I really like this combination and it can't cause any more problem than the triple 28ft does because they are the same lenght. The double trailer made from 2 45ft long flatbeds and one single axle dolly. Comparing the lenght with a triple trailer made from 28ft long trailers and 2 single axle dollies. If there is any specific reason I would like to suggest to give a small adjustment to the rules and allow this very interesting setup. It is obvious that save editing knowledge is needed in order to achieve such a trailer and therefore there will be a very limited amount of players driving this setup but if it gets approved I'm happy to create a tutorial for everybody to learn from.
  9. On friday i was helping a friend to dowload truckersmp launcher when i saw that you can drive with double trailers in europe so i got online and i was in oddense and when i went to my job market i didn't had any jobs to germany so can anyone explain this?
  10. ItzDenis


    When it comes update for Double Trailer?
  11. according to this video the double trailer would be available in 2015 but until now has not been released many people esntao anciosas to launch that has not yet happened, what should be done and create a server only with the double trailer for those who want to run with it but the main question and you guys will release?
  12. many people are anxious about the release of the double trailer but many do not want to dis why it will mess up the game so I think the double trailer should only be on a server so who quisese run with it logava that served and those who do not quisese logava in regular private messenger
  13. Hello! I made a video with the double trailers, which will be added in scandinavia DLC. Any questions are welcome. This video is made on the EU3 server. There will be a second part. Hope you all enjoy!
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