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  1. Suggestion Name: New double trailer use in restricted zone Suggestion Description: In the old edition, C-D road and some part of the map was not allowed to use double trailer. But in 1.35 has a new double wood trailer and it's allowed use in the restricted zone. I hope the new double trailer still like the old one and not allowed use in restricted zone. Why should it be added?: If the players use the double trailer in C-D road or in a place have many players there, it will be very wretched and will have more crash.
  2. +1 Sometimes if some guys need have a race with their friends, but they only can drive in Europe 2, they are very dangerous. And if the Europe 4 remove that, these racer can go in EU4 to have a great race
  3. If i hear that the police siren, I wil not not think where is he/she. I just will still drive on the way where i need to go. Because i have not done any things to break the rules. And when use the police siren i just think they have some very important things need to do and need to drive faster.
  4. I hope your know ETS2 is not a offroad game, it is a truck drive simulator game If u like offroad u can play WRC7 or other game like GTA 5
  5. That DLC is worth getting now of cause Because that DLC have saw many beautiful view and Sardinia also have some new road u can try that Hope u can try this Italia DLC when it have discount
  6. I hope the TMP will be cancel some parts of the RESTRICTED ZONE but will keep C-D road and near that are still RESTRICTED ZONE in TMP map
  7. If for a new DLC , I hope that will for Volvo. Because Volvo is done a very great job in real world for truck such as Scania And Volvo help the cars more safe in world. But in game i think that will be Man because for the Man Euro6 have many parts to change look like DLC. And a SCS software staff said the new truck DLC is Benz but i dont think the Benz can have many change in truck
  8. New update is good in game, that will let the game be more cool and have some new way to play the game but mostly many truckers will drive in Germany and in C-D road. So I hope if TMP players can drive everywhere, then the game wil not be that boring and look like in real world. I hope TMP players can drive more place to fix this problem. And for the new DLC, SCS can be handle it sure. And must will have new players to join into this game. Because this world we have many guys love the Truck and love a very real driver simulator but they only can drive in game
  9. For the beeping, there have many reason. Look like when u overtaking someone, u will try to warning the trucker who in front u. And when u saw a truck drive in your other side, we will use the horn to say 'Hi'. Because it this a tradition in TMP I think
  10. Suggestion Name: Krone Trailer Taillight Suggestion Description: If the Player don't bought the Krone DLC, and they will see the Krone Trailer is a Grey Trailer with the Buy Krone DLC ONLY!!! And it is very Dangerous in game because the they didn't know when the in front driver brake or turn left/right. I think TMP should add the taillight on the trailer which the player didn't buy the Krone DLC can see it. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Because the player who didn't buy the Krone DLC can know what will the in front driver will do look like brake and turn left/right. And it can let the collision or danger lower.
  11. Lappland

    Friends on map

    I believe that this idea had been use in game and you can see your friend with a Green Point. And I think if you are in France and your friend is in Beyond The Sea, you will find him very difficult. And you can use Steam to ask your friend where is he/she. So i think this command will not be accept.
  12. If TMP can put the UTC time behind the ' /pinfo ' , It will be a very good news for all of the players who need to report on website. Also that we can get lower jobs when we need to find the time and the players ID and upload the video. And TMP only need to find the user's computer system time and change to UTC time in-game. We hope TMP will saw this command and put it in the next time MP update. Thank to the TMP and Dmancio210
  13. Thank you for information And I think the game should be more realistic in game, That will be more like a Real Truck in the world. And I think Change The Engine is not a real things because in reality world will not have 750HP engine inside a Daf or other truck and shipping with it.
  14. Lappland


    欧卡里面是有土路的,这点是我们确认了的。 土路:意大利DLC里面有,北欧DLC里面也有。 北欧: 意大利:
  15. You are my first follower!!

    Thank you!!!!!!:mlg_doge:

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