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Found 13 results

  1. Como están estimados: Es una pregunta que me he realizado hace unos días. El truckers MP ha tenido un éxito y se mantiene durante años, y me pregunto ¿habrá algún futuro server cerca de sudamérica? en Brasil por ej. o alguno en Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, etc. somos muchos los que soñamos con tener menos ping en el juego y tener mejor experiencia. Saludos camioneros!
  2. So, i changed my windows from 7 to 10 and my account at single player which was authorised at World of Trucks gone there were like 50% map explored Now i cant participate at nowadays event. Is there any solution?*
  3. When I run Trucker MP, I get this error. I contacted Trucker MP and got a solution, and when I tried it for the first time, it was fixed but the error came back Why are these errors coming up and how can I fix them? + I deleted ETS2 and ATS files, downloaded ETS2, ATS again. downloading STEAM again, but it was not fixed. I also tried to run it as an administrator, downloaded the update file again, and turned the computer off and on. Can not inject core (initialization of client failed) -Answers from Truckers MP- 1. Start a command line as an administrator (cmd)
  4. TruckersMP Launcher uygulamasını birkaç kez indirip kurmama rağmen yine aynı sorun ile karşı karşıya kaldım. buyrun izleyin...
  5. Olá caminhoneiros, Galera como todos já sabem irá vir uma nova versão do Euro Truck Simulator 2 a 1.32, ah mais esperadas com vários updates, o que vocês acham sobre o Truckers MP trazer nessa nova versão o sistema de tráfego, falem sua opnião e digam sugestões sobre isso até porque galera é uma coisa bem complexa e séria, ao colocar tráfego no MP, claro que vai trazer uma melhor simulação para o jogo mas me digam o que vocês acham sobre isso e quem ainda não está sabendo irei deixar o link do video aqui em baixo:
  6. I bought Ats Last night and play it for 4 hours. Now I'm trying to connect with truckers MP> setting> check games. but it isn't working. what to do now??
  7. Hallo an alle Trucker die noch eine neue Heimat in einer neuen Spedition suchen, wir die Gelderner Transportgesellschaft (GTG) sucht noch aktive Fahrer/innen für den Nah- und Fernverkehr! Was wir dir bieten: Trucksbook - ein Abrechnungssystem, was alles automatisch macht und mit dem man sich wieder auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren kann – dem Fahren! Familiärer Umgang innerhalb der Spedition Freie Wahl deines LKW, deiner Map, deiner Lackierung etc. Regelmäßige interne Konvoys im ETS und ATS (gelegentlich auf öffentlich) und regelmäßige Konvoys mit Partner-
  8. Cześć Instalowałem sobie truckers mp a nagle wyświetla mi się komunikat "you must select valid ets 2 path" przecież ja podaję dobry folder bo chodzi tutaj o folder.Pomóżcie!
  9. Glaxo


    benim sürümüm ama truckers mp fatal error veriyo sürümümü 1.28 gösteriyo napcam
  10. Do you want to know how to get money fast in Euro Truck Simulator 2 single player and multiplayer? Are you bored of driving that same truck everywhere, everyday and not getting a lot of money? Well you have come to the right place! I will tell you how to get money easily without any mods or cheats and in clear steps you can easily follow. /!\ IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MINIMUM OF 2 DRIVERS AND 2 TRUCKS IN YOUR COMPANY MANAGER THIS METHOD WILL NOT WORK, YOU NEED UP TO 2 DRIVERS AND 2 TRUCKS FOR THIS TO WORK /!\ Step 1: Launch Euro Truck Simulator 2 in single player
  11. Hola a todos, Me he encontrado con mucha gente que nos sabe como grabar para poder hacer los reportes en la página web, o que usa otros programas que pueden afectar lso fps, cree un vídeo sobre como grabar en euro truck (los mismos pasos en el american). (es mi primer vídeo, por ende el uso de muchas muletillas y otras errores de edición y pronunciación) Ojala les sirva de ayuda.
  12. Ивент к юбилею ATS Перед конвоем, приуроченным к юбилею выхода ATS мы организовываем ивент "Найди админа" Задача: вам необходимо найти в игре 4-5 игровых администраторов, которые будут прятаться по всей карте, сделайте скриншот рядом с ними или скриншот только администратора с открытым "табом" чтобы подтвердить что вы действительно нашли его. Администраторы, которые будут скрываться: Sgt Salt El1teZombiezHD Forerunner Digital LightOfGod RayRay5 Время проведения: ивент стартует 4 февраля с 16:00 до 19:00
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