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Found 22 results

  1. So it appears that not all players know,or just don't care about how they should drive in heavy traffic. Well I'll tell you how you should be driving. Drive-Defensively - Defensive driving covers a wide range of skills you should employ to prevent dangerous situations on the road before these occur. You should plan for ways you can react in a situation, like if another vehicle were to try and merge into you. In addition to this, you should also: Keep your eyes scanning traffic Identify vehicles that appear unsafe, such as those that are erratically merging across
  2. TruckersMP Traffic https://traffic.krashnz.com TruckersMP Traffic is a simple tool that tells you how busy a location is in TruckersMP. Note: If you want access to the traffic API just send me a PM. I've added a game status image that you can use in your signatures or wherever you want. Just replace <id> with your TruckersMP ID in the following link: https://traffic.krashnz.com/api/v2/user/<id>/status.png For example, my TruckersMP ID is 6818 so my link would be https://traffic.krashnz.com/api/v2/user/6818/statu
  3. Hello! Today I am pleased to say that I am happy, I am happy because I have helped with a lot of traffic from Kirkenes I was driving my Scania on the Kirkenes road towards the mine, when on the 2nd bridge (the wooden one) I find a huge traffic jam of 200 trucks behind and 200 in front What I have done has been to wait for the opposite direction to circulate and thus vent that area, whose reaction of those people whom I have let pass has been of thanks, I am a god and other thanks With this I want to appeal to the entire community that plays in that ProMods a
  4. noticing alot more new players parking there trucks in the medians on ats maps in the us simualtor servers ,is there any way that they can curb that issuse?
  5. Is the traffic project in the game still in development?
  6. Hello My dear truckers! Who like to drive in AI traffic server with your online friends ?
  7. Linngor

    add traffic

    Suggestion Name: add some traffic Suggestion Description: add more life on the routes Any example images: Why should it be added?: to make ets2 and ats more realistics and attractive to new players. I am new to ets2 and truckesrmp and I felt quite lonely during my time on the server. At most I came across 6 players on a supposedly crowded server.
  8. Suggestion Name: Traffic News InGame Suggestion Description: I want to suggest a Ingame "TrafficAlert", where you will get somewhere like the F5 Menu a alert that a jam or a accident is 3km away. For players who don't want this they can disable it in the menu. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: For realistic players, it makes sense in my opinion, that they will get a Message and so they can take a other road.
  9. Suggestion Name: One Way Duisburg (Roundabout). Suggestion Description: The idea is that Duisburg, which has a one-way square roundabout shape, attaches photos to understand, also including why the secondary traffic light should be removed. Any example image: https://imgur.com/a/NyGSaA4 In the link you can see what my idea is, it is easy to understand. Why should it be added?: This should be added because in the rush hour when the server is full and even with 1,000 people missing, Duisburg is already collapsed, there is no denying, this project will help tra
  10. Hi everyone! I have see that 300 players is in Kirkenes and on the roads south of it, the small one. And I think you need to do something about it. Like the whole server is there (promods 1). The traffic is so bad there so please do something about it.
  11. Suggestion Name: Duisburg traffic flow improved Suggestion: The Duisburg road should be a one-way as showed in the image, this should help traffic flow and not let anyone get in in case their in carrier mode yet this also keeps the large amount of traffic in the game. I think this is a major improvement and should be implemented into Europe 2. Note: Please check the image before commenting. I might have miss-wrote so do check the image to get a better understanding. Any example images: <img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DCZV-V2XkAUnMt9.jpg">
  12. Guest

    ETS2 Sollama Kuralları

    Güvenli ve kazasız sürüş için önemli bilgiler çünkü çoğu kaza bu durumdan meydana geliyor. SOLLAMA KURALLARI; Sollama yapılırken öndeki araca ışıklı ve sesli uyarılar yapılır. Sollamanın en önemli kuralı "Sollama yapan kişiye yol vermek zorunludur." aman nasılsa sollama yapıyorum bana yol vermek zorundalar diye düşünmeyin çünkü sollamanın sakıncalı olduğu yerler vardır ki bunlar; Virajlar,Demir yolu geçitleri,Geçmenin trafik işaretiyle yasaklandığı yerlerde (bunu yoldaki çizgiye bakarak anlayabilirsiniz veya tabelalarda) ve hızı azaltılan yerlerde araç sollamak yasaktır yani benz
  13. Suggestion Name: AI Traffic Server Suggestion Description: Create one server that has AI traffic on it. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added? Traffic is a key feature in the game. It is what makes the road challenging and dangerous, and player traffic is just not enough. Without AI traffic, some roads tend to get lonely and monotonous. I read lots of posts regarding this suggestion, so I kind of "understand" why this isn't a feature. But there are ways to solve the few issues that this implementation may bring. For example, reducing the AI spawn in high density cities,
  14. Guest

    Traffic light rule

    Suggestion Name: Traffic light rule Suggestion Description: Because this is based on a simulation game, I demand that a rule be issued to respective traffic lights, in any area. I have seen that they have certain controls on the game, such as limiting the speed, if possible, I would like the infractions of the game to be enabled obligatority. This is a simulator, those who want to collide have the FlatOut game and those who want to run have the TOCA 3 game. I hope that my proposal is considered, since I am a bit saturated making reports of bad players. So
  15. Guest

    Radio for Traffic Jam

    Hello everyone, I would like to know a few things, for the radio for Traffic. is there a French radio for the Traffic Jam in ETS ? Thanks you advance for the answers. Cordially.
  16. Hello I'm Ultra. I played alot of TruckersMP in the last 2 years or so. It is a very fun game if you don't look at the griefers ;D. I'd like to give the TruckersMP Team a suggetion, which is AI Traffic in TruckersMP. I can see that this propably would be a problem, because the server needs to spawn Traffic not only around you but also on 4000 other Players at times. It would be also nice, if the Traffic is the same for everyone, so you can't see your friend drive through an AI bus in your screen, because on his screen there is noone. But maybe you guys give it
  17. Hi there, what's other populated areas except Calais-Duisburg?
  18. 07.01.2015 koło Berlina powstał mega zator , w którym sporo osób zostało poszkodowanych. Ciężarówki 'latały' bo zbugowały się naczepy. Jak ktoś chce się odwołać to tu jest filmik ENJOY! Korek trwał ponad 2 godziny bo akurat nie było admina
  19. Hey support, i noticed (and I'm not the only one) that the trafficlights are red and they stay red. I waited 4 Minutes and it didn't turned green... This might need to be fixed. cheers
  20. Suggestion Name: Interactive traffic map Suggestion Description: The interactive map should be available in browser but not in the ingame client. The interactive map can be zoomed in and out and have 2 different looks. 1st look will be green, yellow and, red color on roads indicating on the map if there is heavy traffic:red, medium traffic:yellow, no traffic:green. 2nd look will be the look of small triangles indicating where each and every driver is at. Any example images: no Why should it be added?: To keep track of where your convoy is at on the traffic map on (2nd look). And check f
  21. Hey guys! I have been playing with a buddy of mine, and our trafficlights are no longer synced! Anyone else noticing this? Also, they appear to be faster, as in the original game. Nonetheless, the update is great, but this has caused several accidents, and people are blaming eachother! Greetings!
  22. Hey peeps, Just a quick question, what are the reasons for not having traffic enabled on the normal servers? Players causing queues could be one, although that would add some realism, server stability maybe? hmmm, is there any future plans to add in the AI traffic? I bring this up because atm the road are empty and not many simulated challenges arise, afterall driving is full of challenges. Thanks Tommy
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