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Found 10 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Systemchange to help all players (and avoid griefers) Suggestion Description: Dear folks, many of these "griefers" and "lag-causing" individuals haven't even activated their account... So they for the easiest way to get rid of them and/or reduce the load on the report-systems is to let only activated users on the server. (For example, an unactivated account can only join arcade mode; if the account is activated, gain access to Simulator) If the access limit isn't an option, there are a few greater options below: Reasonable compromise (maybe add a "trail" previlege to these unactivated users, so they can't grief:) • Speed limiter to 80 km/h (safe speed; external contracts can do max. 90 km/h!) • can haul only one single trailer • don't have access to the Škoda / Car (a lot of people can't drive these things correctly!) Bonus for activating the TMP-account • Speed limiter to 90 km/h • can haul double trailer • access to the bus-feature If player had a minimum of 100 game hours (I could imagine this is a reasonable value), they would gain access to: • Speed limiter max (110 km/h) • can haul HCT trailer • Access to Škoda (Car) Special additional request / patron feature • And maybe add some extra trucks or cars for patrons (like transporter, 7,5-ton truck, and maybe (a few of the best rated released) cars on TMP) • some new fancy ai wheels? (tuning for Škoda) • lower cooldown to commands (it's annoying to wait 10 minutes as patron) and use commands without trailer I truly like contesting roads, random events and the stupidity from some users, BUT the amount of griefers is too high... and the in-game report-system seems always to be full, even on the website, you have to wait 14 days / 2 weeks until something happens. This may be a way to reduce the load on the current in-game team and keep the players happiness up by activate their accounts properly and give some "rights" to "older" accounts to stop griefers. What thoughts do you have about this? Any example images: <no images> Why it should be added: This may be a way to reduce the load on the current in-game team and keep the players happiness up.
  2. hello first of all. My suggestion for truckersmp is to enforce the speed limit only in the city. 110 is not enough speed, yes we are not racing, but I think anyone who wants should be able to reach high speeds.It would be great if you could start a poll among the truckersmp players. I think there should be a new speed limit or no speed limit on highways. It can be hard to overtake at the current speed limit. some people have lag, but they go with 110 or 100 and you cannot pass with 10 kmh. I would be very happy if you consider this suggestion. By the way, I know that you have servers with no speed limit, but Simulation 1 should also be edited. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.
  3. Suggest Name: Modify the TMP Speed Limit - The Future of TMP Severs I believe TMP need to have a talk with their community on how the servers should be handled/made, With the constant posts about speed limits and collisions I believe it is time for another sever overhaul, something needs to be changed. Suggestion Description: / Why it should be added Simulation 1 - Simulation 1 would be a server which has the base game speed limit (55mph) for all vehicles with in the game, this would be the ultimate simulation experience for truckers on the road who enjoy the lower speeds and can comfortably do jobs on World Of Trucks without the constant overtaking from faster players. Simulation 2 - Simulation 2 would be a server with a speed limit between 93mph to 100mph depending on which the community likes better for the players who enjoy a faster experience, There is still a speed cap so they trucks are controllable however still a enjoyable experience. Players who do not have hours to spend from going A to B will get a much more enjoyable experience if they can get their in a fast manner and still safely. (Collisions Enabled) Promods - Promods Server would be a server that is identical to Simulation 2 however of course, with the ProMods map. The map is huge and as seen, the servers do not get a huge amount of players on them, a higher speed limit would greatly improve the experience on empty roads where you may not find too many players and overall allow people to travel the huge diverse map at a reasonable speed. (Collisions Enabled) Arcade Server - A no collisions server where players can go whatever speed the please in which they do not have to apply to any of the TMP rules unless it directly effects their experience. (Collisions Disabled) Reason I think collisions are an important feature to keep are to at least keep the experience semi realistic, yes, its true a truck is not going to be driving down the road at 93mph, however neither can a truck magically /fix, teleport. ETS2 as much as it is a simulator game, its also a game where people play to have fun, just because players want speed and collision, it does not mean Rules I believe rules need to be slightly altered for the report system, Game Moderation has not improved IMO between the switch from EU1/EU2 to the Road to Simulation Update, this isn't strictly TMP's fault, their platform has grown and they cannot keep up with constant growing player count. In game reports rarely get looked at and a work around needs to be put in place. Allow players to be reported multiple times by unique players - If players can report the same user and they get alot of reports within a certain time, (e.g. 10+ reports by different players) and a admin cannot look at the the request as they are busy. The reported player should be put into ghost mod for a certain amount of time based on what TMP see's as reasonable. This would greatly benefit if a troll decides to block a road and a Admin cannot kick/ban them. Mass reporting on that player would resolve this issue as they cannot effect other players experience. I believe this would be better than a kick since that could easily be abused. Ban Offences - One of the main argument's to this that lots of players get banned from speeding related accidents. To resolve this, Players who have more than 2 Bans in the last year would not be allowed to connect to servers which evolve higher speeds. If players cannot be respectful to others while speeding, they should have an increased punishment rather than the current offences. This will keep both player bases happy. Let me know what you think about my suggestions!
  4. Olá gente, atualmente percebi que o caminhão não passa de 110km/h, apesar de ser a primeira vez postando algo aqui, já li muitas discussões em fóruns sobre certo e errado em uma simulação e que ETS2 se trata de algo educativo e tal, mas aqui vai as questões: Se na vida real o limitador de velocidade pode ser removido, pq não no ETS2? Baseado na pergunta acima, sabemos que na vida real existem os que respeitam e os que não respeitam limites, então mesmo que eu respeite os limites, como estarei simulando algo real se não existem pessoas imprudentes para correr o risco e assumir estar colocando outros em risco? Acredito que existe sim o livre arbítrio, mas também acredito na punição severa para quem assume o risco de prejudicar outros, baseado nisso creio que a melhor solução seria a punição, tipo, dificultar empréstimos, e a pessoa errada arcar com ônus de um acidente mesmo que fique negativado no banco, por exemplo, o cara perde o controle e invade a contramão causando acidente, sabemos que o próprio ETS2 no modo offline consegue julgar o certo e errado e multar quem provoca o acidente, acredito que a educação no trânsito é algo espontâneo e não forçado, como vamos saber quem é ou não um bom motorista se todos são forçados simular em um limite de velocidade pré-estabelecido?
  5. Suggestion Name: Remove speed limit on ProMods 2 Server Suggestion Description: Simply clear. Why should it be added?: With ProMods the map is very big. Nothing has changed with the Trolls since the introduction of the speed limit to 110km/h. I think we don't need speed limit on ProMods 2 Server, basically lot of people want to drive faster on ProMods, me too. (Please let me with the "its not need for speed" comments. Create a new template text what You can send to players who want to drive faster than You.)
  6. Merhaba Arkadaşlar, Forumda yeniyim. Forumu kullanmaya başlamadan önce "Önerilenler" kısmında istediğim şey için bi konu başlatayım dedim. Evet oyunda bulunan kişiye göre değişen sorun olan hız sınırı için Diyorum ki; - Hız Sınırı Multiplayer için Kaldırılsın ya da - Hız Sınırı Tır Sürücüleri İçin 120 Olsun, Skoda Araç Sürücüleri İçin 150 Olabilir. Öneri Hakkında Yorumlarda Bulunmayı Unutmayın Arkadaşlar İyi Forumlar.
  7. I play on simulation 2 server that shouldnt have speed limit but it only lets me go 110kmh with a scout. When i turn it off in the gameplay settings it just turns back on if i close the settings and i disabled it via documents in game files and in the truckersmp settings but it still limits me
  8. Suggestion Description: A speed restriction to 70-90 on the popular Calais/Duisburg route Any example images: Why should it be added?: The route is only one lane for each direction making overtaking and getting around dangerous. Do too many peoples bad FPS or excessive speeds they have no time to react to a collision ahead which is especially difficult while driving 130 on this route... A speed restriction would reduce secondary collisions as well as keep the follow of traffic much easier to manage.
  9. Guest

    Hız Limiti (TR)

    Örneğin: Öneri adı: Hız Limit değiştirmesi Öneri açıklaması:Bence DC arası 130 limiti eklenmeli, ancak otobanlar,DLC yolları gibi hız yaplacak yollarada hız limiti olmamalı diye düşünüyorum. Herhangi bir örnek resim: Neden eklenmeli ?:Oyunun gerçekçiliği,daha az kaza.daha az ban , yüksek eğlence
  10. I haven't played in a while and today I thought I enjoy some trucking. I'm playing in europe 2 server right now with a job from world of trucks. I have speed limit disabled in settings it's even blacked out I cant enable it. Before the login screen the speed limit in login screen is disabled to. But I still cant go over 90km/h. What am I doing wrong?
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