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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, recently I have seen a lot of people with green headlights I was wondering how do I get them? Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Hi, My Game is instantly Crashing, it happens many times before. Today, it happend in Server SIM1 (Hannover) it wasn't crowded too, like 5 Players. Yesterday, I searched for a solution and found this Link: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/148 I followed exactly this article but still no improvement. Please Help! Thanks. from crash.txt I also found this in game.log.txt
  3. When i try to buy a caravan trailer to scout extra game crash i dont know why but i cant buy this pls help
  4. HI, so im not sure what ive done wrong. I see this in my mod screen when i try to play TMP on the Pro mods servers.
  5. My steering wheel turns stiff several times in ETS2, as if a spring or something similar is tightening itself over and over again. Do I need to install Logitech Hub Software, Logitech Gaming Software, or both? Unfortunately, it is very unpleasant that every time I stop in a truck and want to drive again, the steering wheel is so tight. This also happens in between on ferries. What else could it be?
  6. When I click on drive after buying the volvo fh, the game closes with an error message. If anyone knows how to solve Sorry for my English, and thank you in advance.
  7. I have been facing an error recently that i cannot start game ETS2 or ATS i get this error I have tried all possible solutions and no fix yet regardless that my other steam games works perfectly please any help with many thanks in advance.
  8. I was on promods server 1 is TSMP, and had gone to Stavanger. When I picked up my trailer, i was immediately kicked for "invalid trailer accessories (NetTrailer)". Did I do something wrong in the .def fike, or is it something else.
  9. I wanted to go to the Server, but in same second i joined the Server in on the on the lower left side is a message. "conection refuesed. You are not owner of some DLCs you use" But I have bought them...
  10. Suggestion Name: How was the problem solved? Suggestion Description: Ask people who asked for help how they solved their problem; if they found a solution and didn't post details about it. Any example images: Why should it be added?: To provide better service. I've seen some topics where to OP said their problem was solved, without explaining how they solved it. I think it will be useful to ask them how they did it, before closing the topic. If possible, allow further replies only for the OP and forum staff after the OP said their problem was solved. Send them a reminder and allow them some days to respond before closing a topic completely. I think this will be especially helpful to people using the search function before opening their own topic.
  11. Hello! I have a problem with ets2 multiplayer. The problem is that I can't save my progress. Every time I join the game it spawns me in the same place with the same truck. I would be very happy if you help me. The game doesn't autosave.SOLVED!!
  12. I want to play TruckersMP but when i launch truckersmp it gives my this error message Ive tried reinstalling the launcher and i searched everywhere but i couldn't find anything.
  13. Hi, I just installed TruckersMP launcher, but when I try to open it, nothing shows up - only in "task manager" under "background processes" app shows for like 5 seconds, than it execute itselves. Advices like "try Run as admin" or "delete document files and reinstall" doesn't help at all. I am using WIN10 - 64bit.
  14. Can anyone help with this problem. It says Loading servers data. Please wait.... But nothing happens.
  15. is the new dlc supported yet or is it not the michelin one
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